Thieving Good Samaritans Shame Britain

Of all the images of Britain’s riots this week, perhaps the most sickening is that of Malaysian student Ashraf Haziq, bleeding and injured by thugs who then, in the guise of helping him, brazenly robbed him.

These ‘Good Samaritans’ were anything but - feral, thieving youths whose behaviour has sickened the people of Britain.

To express support for the injured student on twitter use the hashtag #getwetllsoonashrafhaziq.

As Ashraf, recovers in hospital with a broken jaw, more than one and a half million people have seen this You Tube video, inspiring internet sites set up to 'do something nice for Ashraf.’

The drama played out in Hackney on Monday night. Ashraf, who has only been in London for four weeks, was trying to make his way to his lodging when he was hit by a missile lobbed by a rioter.

As Ashraf lies on the ground, stunned and bleeding from the impact of a missile to his head, several teenagers, mostly hooded, gathered round him. One of them helped him to his feet.

Ashraf staggered slowly away, clearly still dazed, supported by an apparent "good Samaritan". Then another of the young men unzipped the boy's backpack and began to rummage inside, taking anything of value. Then Ashraf’s 'good Samaritan' helped himself too.

At this point a third youth arrived on a bike and lunged towards the backpack, followed by a fourth. The image is one of swarming, feral animals surrounding injured prey.

The young man who first put his hand into Ashraf's backpack then swaggered off, throwing most of the contents away. The footage ends with the Malaysian student, clearly still stunned, staring across the road, alone.

"They threatened to stab me," he explains in Malaysian. "They told me they had knives. Some of them were quite young and may still be in primary school."

Back at home in Kuala Lumpur, his mother, a teacher, was so shocked when told the news that she had to leave her school.

That is nothing to the sense of shame felt by many in Britain tonight as everyone from politicians, youth workers and academics try and make sense of three nights - and maybe more - that have scarred forever Britain’s image for decency and fair play.

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