Digital Audio Expected For 2014 Kate Bush Live Show Before The Dawn

Physical media is not expected, but don't count it out.

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Kate Bush - Before The Dawn.pngAt 19, Kate Bush officially earned the respect of a growing fan base with the ascendant "Wuthering Heights" single from her 1978 album, The Kick Inside. From there, it was a steady climb with her Romantic-styled experimentation of music for the growing base of rock and roll, then still a young and defining art form. But it wasn't until her widely accepted and much-loved Hounds of Love release in 1985 that she was established as one of rock's more eclectic creators. With that, there was little that Kate Bush could do wrong musically.

Kate Bush released two more widely spaced albums (The Sensual World in 1989, The Red Shoes in 1993) before taking an extended break that would not see her return until 2005 with the release of Aerial. From there, she would release her last studio album, 50 Words For Snow in 2011.

In 2014, Kate Bush undertook a 22-date live project called Before The Dawn. The production was exclusive to London's Hammersmith Apollo. It was met with universal acclaim for its innovative stage show. The three-act show was filmed for an intended DVD and Blu-ray release later, however it never saw release. Recently, it has been told that there is an upcoming digital audio release of the show that will feature 29 selected performance songs from the show to present a fully formed audio experience.

Before The Dawn is currently scheduled for release on December 2. For now, the digital audio download is the only media delivery expected. A Finnish site had a three-disc CD photo set as a title for sale but has since pulled it from public view.

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