ThanksKilling Coming to DVD - Thanksgiving's Revenge

Hunting and pecking ensue

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I am all about the holiday programming. I'll watch some cheesy formulaic tripe that I wouldn't normally watch with YOUR eyes, as long as it has a holiday theme. Speaking of which, poor old Thanksgiving is usually given short shrift on the programming front, as we rush from Halloween to Christmas, but I am happy to tell you, that is no longer the case!

Feel the power and the passion of ThanksKilling, forthcoming to DVD on October 25, and revel in its glory for an entire month before the annual family feast rolls round once again.

ThanksKilling DVD art.jpgFive college kids — a jock, a good girl, a fat hick, a slut, and a nerd — head home for Thanksgiving break. But when their car suddenly overheats on the way, they wander into the woods for a night of drinking and debauchery by bonfire light. Little do they know, these are the same woods where a turkey was necromanced 386 years ago by an Indian curse after the Very First Thanksgiving!

Hunting and pecking ensue.

TheGangAtTheBonfire Thankskilling.jpg

The "fowl-mouthed turkey slasher" flick was shot by college students Kevin Stewart and Jordan Downey in 14 days for $3,500 in 2007. The auteurs acquired subsequent capital and completed their vision for under $10,000, releasing it on cable and online VOD in 2009. On Thanksgiving Day 2010, it was number 2 on Hulu only to Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving, which likely says more about the scarcity of Turkey Day programming than anything else.

Fans of the film have raised over $100k through Kickstarter to fund a relatively lavish sequel. Of such things legends are made.

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