Here Comes Herbie Hancock: The Complete Columbia Album Collection 1972-1988 Boxed Set

This boxed set will feature 34 CDs, including every Columbia album released by Hancock. Eight Japan-only releases make their U.S. debut.

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Legacy Recordings has created some enduring Complete Album Collection series boxed sets, including the 70-CD collection, Miles Davis: The Complete Album Collection. Recently, Legacy released an important series set for Harry Nilsson. Now, it has been announced that Legacy Recordings will turn its full attention to Herbie Hancock with a massive 32-CD Box collection, Herbie Hancock: The Complete Columbia Album Collection 1972-1988.

Scheduled for release on November 12, 2013, this set will leave no stone unturned as it presents Hancock fans with not only the universally-released albums, but also eight Japan-only releases: Dedication (1974), Flood (1975), The Herbie Hancock Trio (1977), Tempest In The Colosseum (1977), 
Directstep (1978), Five Stars (1979), Butterfly (1979), Herbie Hancock Trio With Ron Carter + Tony Williams (1981). There were two other Japan-only releases, The Piano (1978) and V.S.O.P./Live Under The Sky (1979), but they were re-released in the US in 2004. They are also included here. This makes for a total of 31 albums, three of them double albums.

The albums in Herbie Hancock: The Complete Columbia Album Collection 1972-1988 have been newly remastered, which helps to make this set a compelling pick-up for Hancock fans. The remasters were completed by Mark Wilder, done in 96k/24-bit.

This box will include a 200-page book with all the bells and whistles one might expect for a set this complete. The book will offer photographs, a complete and exhaustive look at every album, and every song, right down to who played what on which song for which album. The details will encompass RIAA certifications, chart histories, and credits. A large newly written essay by Bob Belden will help to fill the pages. It could be said that the book is the gem, with the remastered music CDs a bonus inclusion.

The box will house the CDs in a cardboard chest with a removable lid (as seen in the pack shot below). Each album is contained in the popularly styled mini-LP sleeve. Where the album was gate-folded in its LP incarnation, it will be in a gate-fold here as well.

Who's next for Legacy in their Complete Album Collection series?
Herbie Hancock Box.jpg

1. Sextant (1973)
2. Head Hunters (1973) 
3. Dedication (1974)* 
4. Thrust (1974) 
5. Death Wish /OST (1974) 
6. Flood (1975)* 
7. Man-Child (1975) 
8. Secrets (1976) 
9. V.S.O.P. (1976 - 2CDs )
10. Herbie Hancock Trio (1977)* 
11. V.S.O.P.: The Quintet (1977) 
12. V.S.O.P.: Tempest In The Colosseum (1977)* 
13. An Evening With Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea (1978 - 2 CDs) 
14. Sunlight (1978) 
15. Feets Don't Fail Me Now (1978) 
16. Direct Step (1978)* 
17. The Piano (1978) 
18. V.S.O.P.: Live Under The Sky (1979 - 2 CDs) 
19. V.S.O.P.: Five Stars (1979)*
20. Butterfly w/ Kimiko Kasai (1979)*
21. Monster (1980) 
22. Mr. Hands (1980) 
23. Magic Windows (1981) 
24. Herbie Hancock Trio w/ Ron Carter + Tony Williams (1981)*
25. Herbie Hancock Quartet (1981) 
26. Lite Me Up (1982) 
27. Future Shock (1983) 
28. Sound-System (1984) 
29. Village Life (1984)
30. Round Midnight / OST (1985)
31. Perfect Machine (1988)
* First time on CD outside of Japan.

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