Lightning Dust Readies New Album, Fantasy

Lightning Dust is an off-shoot band springing from parent band Black Mountain.

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You may, or may not, be aware of a band out of the Vancouver area that plays by the name of Black Mountain. If you are, then you are certainly lucky. If not, then it's a great time to explore who they are. As an introduction, think stoner rock circa early to mid-'70s. However, I'm not here to talk about the coolness of Black Mountain, although I'd love to.

Lightning Dust is a side project of Black Mountain, fueled by two components of the band. There's Amber Webber (the awesome Amber Webber), a vocalist who is a modern day version of Grace Slick, and Joshua Wells. Lightning Dust has been around for awhile. Formed in 2007 to explore the musical interests of the two, they have, thus far, released two strong albums (Lightning Dust, 2007; Infinite Light, 2009). Aside from the familiarity of the two, especially the vocals of Amber Webber, there is little resemblance to the main squeeze, Black Mountain.

LightningDustFantasy-225x225.jpgJagjaguwar Records (an awesome indie label out of Bloomington, Indiana) is home to the album releases of Lightning Dust (and Black Mountain, too!). The label recently announced the upcoming and highly anticipated third album album from the band. Fantasy is scheduled for release on June 25, and is preceded by the lead-off single, "Diamond" (heard in first video below). As a bonus, the label has also released an audio-only feed on YouTube of an album track, "Loaded Gun" (heard in the second "video" below). Fantasy will be available on CD, LP, and DD.

It is my hope that you will check out not only Lightning Dust, but Black Mountain as well. I think you will come away rewarded. Reward yourself further by also checking out the label's artists at their website.

Lightning Dust Promo.jpeg

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