Royals Gone Undercover: A Chat with Lord Rob of TLC's Secret Princes

Real-life royal goes incognito in new series.

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Lord Rob Walters

It may sound like a movie you've seen before, but this time TLC has managed to persuade real-life royals to go undercover and explore what happens when they head to America to live, work, and search for love in the new series, Secret Princes. Every step of these valiant nobles' stints in Atlanta have been captured, allowing viewers to see what really happens when they leave their lives of luxury behind and roll up their sleeves and learn to cook, clean, and handle manual labor while searching for the perfect woman under the guise of an ordinary local.

One such lucky royal is Lord Robert Walters, Lord of the Manor of Fullwood, whose bloodline can be traced back to King Henry VIII. Or, better known to us now as Lord Rob, the 29-year-old model who has graced multiple covers and now appears on Secret Princes. We caught up with Lord Rob to chat about role reversal and what it's really like to be a royal.

Tell me a bit about yourself, your life, and what it’s like to grow up with a title.

Well, first and foremost I consider myself a very grounded individual without airs and graces. I believe that if you have good people around you then life becomes a little easier. I am happy to say that I am blessed with very good friends and family. I was raised to be self-effacing and unprejudiced; I do not believe in class divide, I judge a person by how they are as a human being and not by their title or bank account. Being royal, rich or famous does not automatically make you a good person; in some cases, quite the opposite.

I was lucky to have a great family, so growing up with a title was not made a big issue. I had a fairly normal upbringing. What I mean by that is, like any young boy I loved cartoons, candy and playing sports. Of course there were various formal events I had to attend, but on the whole growing up was a lot of fun. As they say, boys will be boys on every level.

What compelled you to do this?

Curiosity, I think. I have often wondered how differently I would be treated if people knew nothing about me or my bloodline. I was intrigued to find out how people would perceive me as just me. Of course, this test can go either way [laughs].

Throughout the journey, what would you say was the biggest surprise?

The biggest surprise for me was how accepted I felt so quickly in America. I love the US, and I felt a real connection with the people. I really look forward to returning very soon.

I see some parallels with this concept and one or two movies I can think of. How close was this experience to stories like Coming to America or The Prince and Me?

I have never seen The Prince and Me but Coming to America is an amazing movie and one of my favorites. The concept is very similar. In fact I had to fire my rose bearers back in the UK, as going to restaurants and friends’ houses was a nightmare because of all the mess.

Tell me something about you that might surprise viewers, after getting to see you on the show.

I can rap (maybe not well), I love comedy and writing comedy, and am in a band called Unit 13, which is comedy music. Have a look on YouTube if you’re bored.

Without revealing too much, are we going to be surprised at how things turned out?

I think you will be surprised; the show was a real roller coaster ride.

If you had to do it all over again, would you? Why?

I think I would because I got the opportunity to meet some amazing people which I can call my good friends. As mentioned before, I loved the US and the people so going back would be amazing.

What’s next for Lord Rob?

I never wanted to go into the family business of land and property. I love writing and presenting. I actually have developed a new show which is looking behind the scenes of the entertainment world in a very very comical way—imagine a real life blend of South Park, Family Guy and Euro trash. So watch the space.

Secret Princes airs Friday nights at 10E/9C on TLC.

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