Gift It! Skylanders' New Light and Dark Elements and Other Stocking Stuffers

Activision has added two new elements to the Skylanders universe just in time for late letters to Santa.

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Images courtesy of Activision.

If you are looking for last-minute stocking stuffers for the Skylanders fan in your family, Activision has a perfectly timed answer. This week the company announced two new elements in the Skylanders universe - Light and Dark - with associated toys designed for the latest game in the franchise: Skylanders: Trap Team.

The new elements will be represented by two new Traptanium Traps and new Trap Masters. The former are an integral part of Skylanders: Trap Team. They allow players to use the titular heroes to capture villains that can then be used as allies. Trap Masters are a special group of Skylanders with the power to harness Traptanium. The two new additions to the range introduced with Skylanders: Trap Team are Knight Mare and Knight Light.

Skylanders Trap Team_Dark Element_Knight Mare380.jpgThe new traps and Trap Masters will go on sale in North America in special Light and Dark Elemental Quest Packs. Each of these contains a Trap Master, a trap and a location piece that unlocks a special level in the game. The new levels will include previously unseen villains, including two new Doom Raiders, Luminous and Nightshade. The Quest Packs will be available from Toys"R"Us from Sunday, December 21 and other retailers from December 22.

WinterFest_Lob-Star_Packshot190.jpgOther potential Skylanders stocking fillers include Winterfest Lob-Star, a special seasonal version of the previously released Trap Master character, Lob-Star. We previewed this toy here together with recently released entries in the special Eon's Elite series of characters.

Based on the Eon's Elite review samples of Trigger Happy and Whirlwind that Activision sent us, characters in this range would make a satisfying addition to any discerning fan's collection. They come enclosed in sturdy plastic cases with a color 3D backdrop and a base colored according to the character's element.

For store display this case comes in artistically-decorated silver cardboard-and-transparent-plastic packaging. Other than the warning label on the front, this is also an appealing presentation option for avid collectors who aren't planning to use these characters often (or at all) in the game.

ELITE_TriggerHappy_ExplContents_FIN_HiRes380.jpgPlayers who do want to give these characters a run out in Skylands will appreciate their shiny paint job and can benefit from their tripled power capabilities. Other than the latter, there is not much else in terms of gameplay that distinguishes them from their conventional counterparts. Nonetheless, the added touch of class in their presentation should make them popular presents with dedicated Portal Masters.

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