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January 2017

Articles From Chaz Lipp in January
Monday Jan 30, 2017 55:00 PM ET
Visually gorgeous, this dour romantic drama about a married couple having difficulty starting a family focuses on the wrong things.
Thursday Jan 26, 2017 50:00 AM ET
Not among Woody Allen's most popular films at the time of its original release, this one has aged exceptionally well.
Tuesday Jan 24, 2017 15:00 AM ET
A compelling chapter of World War II history is not done justice by this cut-rate production. Nicolas Cage stars as the controversial Captain Charles Butler McVay.
Tuesday Jan 17, 2017 50:00 AM ET
Aaron Paul of 'Breaking Bad' fame stars in this direct-to-video thriller about a man whose girlfriend suddenly disappears.
Friday Jan 13, 2017 15:00 AM ET
This 1990 curiosity finds Robert De Niro in "regular guy" mode as an illiterate cook being taught to read by a co-worker, played by Jane Fonda.
Thursday Jan 12, 2017 35:00 AM ET
Dull but competent courtroom thriller stars Keanu Reeves as an attorney defending a teen accused of murdering his own father. Renee Zellweger co-stars.
Thursday Jan 12, 2017 40:00 AM ET
Get caught up with HBO's acclaimed 'Girls' in time for the February 12 premiere of the series' sixth and final season.
Wednesday Jan 11, 2017 40:00 AM ET
The next entry in the 'Paul McCartney Archive Collection' - 1989's 'Flowers In the Dirt' - is packed with material: 34 bonus tracks and a DVD, but... download-only for nearly half of those bonus tracks.
Wednesday Jan 11, 2017 00:00 AM ET
The pulpy plot often strains credibility, but strong performances by Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick keep this action thriller afloat.
Tuesday Jan 10, 2017 50:00 AM ET
A riveting, action-based biopic about the real-life catastrophe that resulted in the underwater spilling of millions of gallons of oil off the Gulf Coast.
Thursday Jan 5, 2017 20:00 AM ET
Some great ideas don't get fully developed in this tween comedy, but it should please its target demographic just fine.
Monday Jan 2, 2017 15:00 PM ET
One of the most incisive movies of 2016, this 'Honey' takes a while to become sweet - but that it does, thanks to a head-turning performance by newcomer Sasha Lane.
Monday Jan 2, 2017 10:00 PM ET
Oliver Stone's biopic of Edward Snowden is visually arresting and boasts a stunning turn by Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the title role. But in the end it doesn't deliver the fireworks we expect from Stone.
Monday Jan 2, 2017 00:00 PM ET
Director Paul Schrader throws a lot at the screen - sex, drugs, and a variety of visual techniques - to see what sticks. Despite an unhinged Willem Dafoe performance, not enough does.
Monday Jan 2, 2017 55:00 PM ET
This horror film doesn't transcend the cliches established by many other 'haunted house' films. Kate Beckinsale stars, along with Lucas Till.

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