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Margaret Holder
Margaret Holder has been writing about the Royal Family in newspapers and magazines for thirty years. She also broadcasts frequently on the BBC , both radio and television. She reckons she has now written more royal documentaries than anyone else in the world. Some are still being shown on channels in the UK and USA and many are available on DVD. She believes we are entering a new and exciting era with William and Kate.

Articles From Margaret Holder
Wednesday Apr 11, 2018 25:00 AM ET
Unless other unofficial sources are found, Morton’s biography could remain the definitive account of Wallis’ loves and marriages.
Monday Nov 10, 2014 45:00 AM ET
Images of Nature is a brand new book which takes you on a journey through Britain’s inspirational landscapes. It’s a collection of beautiful photographs amassed over time by the multi-talented Adrian Munsey, who is a media entrepreneur, producer of hit...
Sunday Oct 26, 2014 25:00 PM ET
The book is packed with fascinating information about Harry’s early life and his military service.
Sunday Apr 27, 2014 25:00 PM ET
Can you guess who this mystery celeb is?
Tuesday Dec 3, 2013 40:00 PM ET
Britain's Princess Michael of Kent has talked openly about her neighbours at Kensington Palace and revealed that Prince Harry might move in next door to William and Kate when the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester eventually quit their nearby apartment.
Saturday Oct 26, 2013 55:00 AM ET
Any guesses as to who the now-famous hostess might be?
Monday Sep 23, 2013 35:00 PM ET
Any guesses?
Monday Jun 17, 2013 45:00 PM ET
Any guesses as to who is the subject of this item?
Thursday May 23, 2013 05:00 PM ET
So who do you think this item is talking about?
Monday May 6, 2013 20:00 PM ET
Britain’s recent horseburger scandal — when some supermarkets were caught out selling horsemeat disguised as beef — reminded me of an old story told to me by a UK gossip columnist, now sadly deceased.
Wednesday Apr 3, 2013 20:00 PM ET
Congratulations to TMR commenter Kellie, websites Blind Gossip and Generation Gossip, and anyone else for solving my blind item about a TV wife knowing all about her husband’s secret son.
Friday Mar 22, 2013 25:00 PM ET
Flashback to over twenty years ago… Imagine the scene: one of the most opulent buildings in the world. It’s a royal palace, not necessarily in England...
Wednesday Feb 27, 2013 30:00 PM ET
This Famous Woman has had lots of male admirers — which is surprising as she is rather lacking in the looks department.
Wednesday Feb 13, 2013 25:00 PM ET
This elusive couple has been spotted again, a rare sighting of an increasingly endangered species.
Monday Feb 4, 2013 20:00 PM ET
Maybe sometimes silence is the wiser course of action.
Monday Jan 28, 2013 10:00 PM ET
Dependency is like love - a very powerful emotion.
Saturday Jan 12, 2013 15:00 AM ET
This nice young man is so busy being out and about, it's a wonder he has time left for work.
Thursday Dec 20, 2012 15:00 PM ET
There is a real possibility that William and Kate's baby could be born on July 1, 2013, the date William's mother, Princess Diana, would have been 52.
Thursday Dec 13, 2012 45:00 PM ET
One driver had a lucky escape when a determined girl he hardly knew wanted to move into his apartment.
Tuesday Nov 27, 2012 20:00 PM ET
Can you guess who the parties are to this sexy (and perhaps pragmatic) marriage?
Sunday Nov 4, 2012 40:00 PM ET
I cannot understand why the poll gap between the candidates is so narrow. To me it is not a vote between left or right, as some see it, but between sense and no sense.
Friday Nov 2, 2012 15:00 PM ET
Nice girl. Adored by her parents. Liked by all who know her. Well connected. Has a handsome young beau in tow. But a couple of years ago she let her hair down at a private party and was photographed trying...
Tuesday Oct 23, 2012 50:00 PM ET
This is a married character actor known around the world. Thanks to some clever and expensive legal manoeuvering, the press cannot mention certain alleged incidents in his very private life. Can you guess?
Monday Oct 15, 2012 10:00 PM ET
Can anyone guess who this stingy celeb might be?
Sunday Oct 7, 2012 50:00 PM ET
In the UK the storm over the activities of the late television presenter Sir Jimmy Savile gains momentum with calls for those who covered up for him to be exposed.
Sunday Oct 7, 2012 35:00 PM ET
Famous family. Two daughters — the Noisy One and the Quiet One. The Noisy One is well-known for headline activities but the Quiet One was really the bigger brat when they were growing up.
Sunday Sep 23, 2012 55:00 PM ET
This story did the rounds in the UK a few years back, but as the late Queen Mother used to say, ”The old ones are always the best.”
Saturday Sep 8, 2012 20:00 PM ET
Health coach/masseur Stephen Twigg talks exclusively to The Morton Report about his new book, "Diana: Her Transformation," based on his seven years of working closely with the late Princess of Wales.
Monday Sep 3, 2012 50:00 PM ET
This blind item concerns a long-married couple who, once upon a time, seized upon a graphic means of accelerating a divorce!
Wednesday Aug 29, 2012 40:00 PM ET
Whatever Harry has done, Charles did much worse. As far as we are aware, single and carefree Harry has had a string of single girlfriends, but has not fallen into the ways of his father...
Sunday Aug 19, 2012 40:00 PM ET
This blind item is short and intriguing. Can you guess who any of these people are?
Thursday Aug 9, 2012 05:00 PM ET
There are two recurring rumors concerning secret paternity that I still wonder about and neither concerns Prince Harry, who is definitely the son of Prince Charles and looks more like him and the Queen every day.
Sunday Jul 29, 2012 15:00 PM ET
The UK has a popular television series called An Idiot Abroad in which hapless presenter Karl Pilkington unwillingly travels the globe while his mischievous colleagues (Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant) stay behind and monitor his progress — with predictably chaotic...
Friday Jul 27, 2012 10:00 PM ET
Can you guess who the players are in this family drama?
Tuesday Jul 24, 2012 10:00 AM ET
Prince Charles has ordered his gardeners to remove orange azaleas from the grounds of Highgrove, his country estate in Gloucestershire. Now people are wondering if a touch of horticultural snobbery is at the root of it all.
Thursday Jul 19, 2012 05:00 PM ET
Can you guess who any of the players are in this rather tangled triangle?
Wednesday Jul 4, 2012 10:00 AM ET
A peek inside the world of celebs and their luxurious properties around the globe.
Sunday Jul 1, 2012 50:00 AM ET
This story concerns a royal dynasty somewhere in the world. The family might or might not still have a kingdom.
Wednesday Jun 27, 2012 20:00 PM ET
The Queen is said to have updated the royal Order of Precedence with the effect that the Duchess of Cambridge is expected to curtsy to the blood princesses.
Friday Jun 22, 2012 35:00 AM ET
Prince William reaches his milestone birthday as we compare his father at the same age.
Saturday Jun 16, 2012 30:00 PM ET
The story goes like this: Miss Boldface, who has a high opinion of herself that is not always shared by others, has formed a fascinating friendship with a household name. Mr Very Famous has had problems in the past, all...
Saturday Jun 9, 2012 40:00 AM ET
The whole program, over which Charles had editorial control, is a trip down memory lane with old photos from the family album and privately shot film footage of the Royal Family at play.
Thursday May 31, 2012 05:00 AM ET
The Duchess of Cambridge is recycling her clothes again. Conscious of possible criticism in Britain, which is still struggling to get out of recession, Kate is being careful not to be seen as a wild spender.
Wednesday May 23, 2012 55:00 PM ET
Joan says on her Twitter page: “Actress, Writer, Producer, Wife, Mother, Grandmother. Much travelled. Exhausted.” No wonder.
Monday May 21, 2012 45:00 PM ET
On Friday, May 18, the Duchess of Cambridge joined her husband Prince William, Prince Harry, and other members of the Royal Family for a rare gathering of the crowned and dethroned heads of the world at a formal lunch to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.
Sunday May 13, 2012 50:00 PM ET
The Duchess of Cambridge wore a stunning teal blue gown on Friday night at the Royal Albert Hall in London to mark the countdown to the Olympic Games. But unknown to her adoring public, Kate was actually wearing a wedding dress, customised for the night!
Saturday May 12, 2012 35:00 PM ET
Since the original item ‘Who Does Prince Harry Look Like? James Hewitt Myth Debunked’ appeared in TMR on August 24th 2011, it has rarely, if ever, been out of TMR’s top ten. I have noticed the readers’ comments with interest and, in some cases, with amazement!
Monday Apr 30, 2012 05:00 PM ET
Rumours abound concerning the marriage of a famous couple, yet there is a bewildering silence in the media.
Sunday Apr 15, 2012 35:00 PM ET
Liz Jones, a British journalist who writes for the Daily Mail and has a weekly diary in Sunday's You magazine, has given the biggest hint yet about the identity of a rock star who is cheating on his glamorous...
Monday Mar 26, 2012 00:00 PM ET
Officially, the bet is that her first child will be born in 2012 and the bookies are taking a close look at the pattern of betting. Insider information is suspected, but not proven.

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