Diana's Double Betrayal: First Charles, Then William

Was William too quick to forgive Camilla?

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Chumming up to the interloper, Prince William and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall attend a Battle of Britain service of Thanksgiving and Rededication at Westminster Abbey.

The Lord's Prayer says: Forgive us our trespasses. But I can't quite forgive "him" for forgiving "her."  That would be Prince William and Camilla -- Duchess of Cornwall, fornicatrix, serpent at the breast of Diana, step-mummy.

PrinceWilliamKissesCamilla.jpgShe was the C-word in the doomed marriage of William's parents and no one knew this better that Diana's oldest son. As a child he was William the Confessor to a distraught and tormented woman; consoling youngster who passed tissues to Diana under the door as she sobbed her heart out in the loo.

Let us recall the last time Camilla took a pew at a wedding not her own for an heir to the throne. There she sat in St. Paul's Cathedral, Mrs. Parker Bowles, having vetted Diana as sacrificial lamb/bride for the Prince of Wales, the man who loved "her" as she loved him, who would return to her bed and other beds made available for the trysting infidels in the homes of complicit friends.

Modern marriages are commonly not for-ever-after. The issue of these unions must needs find a way to accommodate divorce and re-marriages and blended families. It's understandable that the teenage William, having lost one parent to an untimely death, should have clung fiercely to the only other he had left and made peace with adulterer Charles, as, indeed, Diana had been an adulteress as well.

But did William have to absolve Camilla so absolutely?

It may be unfashionable to criticize anything about St. Wills, this charming young man who appears to have survived trauma and tragedy relatively unscathed. The weight of dynasty rests on his shoulders and a widely approving public feels protective.

Yet there's something of Willy the Wimp in how quickly this Windsorite reconciled himself to Camilla in the picture, on Daddy's arm, and ultimately astride the thone he'll some day occupy. He smiled and giggled and looked on fondly when Charles and Camilla wed, a scene suspiciously tapered to promote the couple's rehabilitation. And surely William must have signed off on those carefully crafted photo ops of Camilla and Kate lunching last month.

How he can abide even being in the same room with her, I cannot fathom.

William gave Kate his mother's engagement ring. But he gave Camilla a more valuable prize: His blessing. Mummy Dearest, forgive him.

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