Blu-ray Review: 2018 World Series Collector's Edition: Boston Red Sox

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Jonesing for baseball in the off-season? Shout Factory and MLB have teamed to issue this deluxe, eight-disc 2018 World Series Collector's Edition: Boston Red Sox. All five games of this year's Fall Classic are presented over six Blu-ray discs (also available as a standard DVD set). The now-legendary 18-inning Game 3 is divided between discs three and four since its epic length makes it, in terms of length, essentially two games. Reliving this particular game is quite exciting, offering the series' longest sustained stretch of both teams playing at peak level.

Of course, we all know the outcome. Unless you're a Dodgers fan trying to figure out exactly where their team went wrong along the way, this set is primarily targeted at Boston fans.

However, it's a splendid set for baseball fans in general. Even if you dutifully watched every minute of all five World Series games, you'll find that throwing these games on helps ease the off-season doldrums. And there are two bonus games included. Disc seven contains American League Division Series Game 4, in which the Red Sox defeated the New York Yankees, moving on to the American League Championship Series. With normally reliable closer Craig Kimbrel coming perilously close to blowing it for the Red Sox, the hard-earned 4-3 victory makes for a classic nail-biter.

And disc eight features the complete ALCS Game 5 in which the Red Sox won the pennant by defeating the Houston Astros 4-1. While not as fantastic a game as the ALDS clincher, it's still a necessary and welcome inclusion. The broadcasts presented on disc are all sourced from TV, simply without the commercial breaks. There are some awkward edits here and there, but for the most part it's a treat to watch these without interruption. Keep in mind, they are presented in their 720p broadcast resolution so, while certainly fine, these look pretty much exactly like what you saw the first time around.

As they've done in past complete World Series home video release, Shout's discs include the original television play-by-play as well as optional radio play-by-play from both the home and visiting teams. There's also Spanish play-by-play. The booklet includes complete box scores for each of the seven games. Where were you when Game 3 hit the 18th inning? Now you can relive that moment as often as you'd like, thanks to the deluxe 2018 World Series collector's set.
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