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Come and Find Me is a thriller starring Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) and directed by Zack Whedon (brother of Joss, helming his first feature film). It's a serviceable affair that will hold the most interest for fans of Paul, who carries the film quite ably. Lionsgate has issued Come and Find Me on Blu-ray (also DVD and Digital HD).

David (Paul) is a graphic designer living with his photographer girlfriend Claire (Annabelle Wallis). When we first meet them, they're pretending to be strangers on a bus—turns out out to be a rather unusual foreplay ritual (it makes more sense as the story progresses). Their seemingly idyllic lifestyle is shattered by Claire's abrupt disappearance. David spends the next year-plus trying to track her down, to no avail. 
Come and Find Me Aaron Paul.jpg Whedon flip-flops between present day and David and Claire's past, with each step in David's progress (or, often, lack thereof) triggering a memory. That would be fine if only the couple's past was especially interesting. These two come across like boring people and it's enough to illicit a groan every time we realize we're about to be treated to another glimpse into their relationship.

More interesting is David's slow realization that his girlfriend was not who he believed her to be. We get into spoiler territory here and I dare not explain away a series of twists that serves as Come and Find Me best attribute. Suffice it to say that mild-mannered David has to transform into a bush league Bryan Mills (you know, Liam Neeson in the Taken series) as he takes on people he once considered friends—plus members of the Russian mob, and various other new acquaintances who may or may not be who they claim. Largely due to the non-linear storytelling, however, Whedon struggles with pacing issues that keep his film from being the adrenaline shot it wants to be.

Lionsgate's typically excellent Blu-ray presentation (including lossless DTS-HD MA 5.1 surround mix) also boasts audio commentary by director Zack Whedon and one of the film's producers, Chris Ferguson. There's a seven-minute featurette, "Unraveling the Mysteries of Come and Find Me," that mostly promotes the movie.

Come and Find Me is the kind of programmer that's hard to be enthusiastic about. It's preposterous, not particularly fun, and ultimately the kind of movie one puts on when there's no better option.

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