Celebrity Apprentice's Cranky Matriarch Dionne Warwick Sues Broadway Producers

70-year old Dionne Warwick can't seem to stay out of the headlines. Shouldn't someone her age be home baking pies or knitting sweaters?

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Celebrity Apprentice's newly-"fired" Playboy model Hope Dworaczyk just dished the dirt on her fellow competitors, and - surprise? - accused singer Dionne Warwick of being "actually the hardest one to work with out of everybody! The 70-year-old Dionne... it's hard to call your grandmother a c-word."

Presumably Dionne Warwick didn't leave any legal i's undotted when she signed up for The Donald's hit show. But Baby It's You, the new jukebox Broadway musical, is getting the singer's goat. Warwick and a surviving member of The Shirelles have sued the producers, accusing them of featuring their characters without permission.

That's right - Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark isn't the only Broadway musical that's run into trouble this season.

Baby It's You relates the tale of Scepter Records founder Frances Greenberg, the housewife-turned-impresario who discovered The Shirelles and helped give Dionne Warwick her start. According to the singer's lawyer, Greenberg failed to fairly compensate her artists back in the '60s, making this fresh (alleged) exploitation on Broadway all the more painful.

In another context - her own firing from Celebrity Apprentice, back in March - Warwick herself may have put her finger on it. "Sometimes, ladies have a habit of not quite being straight-up, and I just don't like the craziness unless I'm the crazy one." Dionne, no one ever said you didn't have mad skills.

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