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New Star Trek: The Original Series Compilation DVD: Captain Kirk's Boldest Missions

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Captain Kirk’s Boldest Missions is a newly-released two-disc DVD collection that includes eight episodes from Star Trek: The Original Series. The concept behind this CBS/Paramount title is to provide a sampler of William Shatner’s most iconic moments in his signature role. While the set doesn’t include anything new (not even among its limited selection of extra features), it’s a cost-effective way for more recent Trek converts to have their appetite whetted for more of The Original Series.

Five of the collected episodes are from season one: “The Corbomite Maneuver” (Episode 10; featuring a guest-starring role by Clint Howard), “The Conscience of the King (Episode 13), “Balance of Terror” (Episode 14; features Mark Lenard in his first Trek role, playing a Romulan commander), “Space Seed” (Episode 22; the famous precursor to The Wrath of Khan, featuring Ricardo Montalban), and “The City on the Edge of Forever” (Episode 28).

The collection’s remaining three episodes are all from the second season, including the Mirror Universe episode “Mirror, Mirror” (Episode 4). “The Doomsday Episode” was the second season’s sixth entry, while “Return to Tomorrow” was its 20th. Obviously anyone hoping for a taste of the third and final season will come away disappointed. Still, it totals nearly seven hours of content and the SRP is just $16.99 (you don’t have to shop around too much to find that price discounted).

Star Trek: The Original Series - Captain Kirk’s Boldest Missions recycles a few slight supplemental features originally found on the 2007 Captain’s Log “Fan Collective” DVD release. There’s an “Introduction by William Shatner & Joan Collins” (the latter guest-starred in “The City on the Edge of Forever”). There’s also some Shatner interview content in three short featurettes: “What Makes a Good Captain?,” “The Importance of the ‘Captain’s Log’,” and “Captain Kirk’s Legacy.”

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