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Now on Blu-ray: Strike Back: Cinemax Season 4

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HBO Home Entertainment's Strike Back: Cinemax Season 4 Blu-ray offers ten episodes spread across three discs. It's another winner in terms of presentation, with excellent 1080p transfers and DTS-HD MA 5.1 lossless surround mixes for each episode. This is the series' final season, first airing in the U.K. as Strike Back: Legacy. It ran on Cinemax from late July to early October of 2015. Production of the generally well-received final season was hampered by the alarming injury of main cast member Sullivan Stapleton (who co-stars as Sgt. Damien Scott). Thankfully, the actor had a full recovery.  
Strike Back S4 Office 39 (380x253).jpg Expertly deployed action sequences continue to serve as Strike Back's highlights, thanks to reliably steady, sure-handed direction. Once again, military intel unit Section 20 is called into service. This time they're out to save Chloe Foster (Eliza Bennett, Broadchurch), the British ambassador who has been kidnapped. Hotel Babylon and Mad Dogs actor Max Beesley seems to relish his role as gangster (and Chloe's kidnapper) Ray MacQueen, bringing a nasty zeal to the season's early episodes. 
Strike Back S4 add (380x254).jpg The narrative soon thickens with the introduction of Office 39, a nefarious underground North Korean organization looking to spark war between East and West. Emotional content is enhanced with the addition of Finn (Christian Antidormi), Damien Scott's son. As the plot mechanics grind forward, with double agents revealed and so forth, the character motivations occasionally become a bit confusing. But as a blast of adrenaline-goosing action, the show never disappoints. Series star Philip Winchester continues to steal scenes as the magnetic Michael Stonebridge.

strike back season 4 BD (172x220).jpgBlu-ray Special Features:

"How to Strike Back," on the first disc, is a series of short featurettes (totalling about ten minutes): How to Jet Ski Through a Marketplace, How to Piss Off an MMA Fighter, How to Bulldoze a Car, How to Scale a Skyscraper in Bangkok, How to Interrogate with Electricity.

There's a very succinct recap of the third season on disc one as well.

More "How to Strike Back" is found on disc two: "How to Say Goodbye," running about three minutes.

The third disc contains five minutes of 'making of' footage, labelled "Production Recon:" Day 14 (Bangkok, Thailand), Day 36 (Krabi, Thailand), Day 62 (Haimasker Military Base, Hungary), Day 63 (Budapest, Hungary).

Digital HD copies round out the Blu-ray package.

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