Comics: Art for Hope Benefits Japan, and Dead Apes for Sale at Comic-Con SD

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VIZ Media Teams with Autodesk, Inc. to Benefit Japan Disaster Relief Efforts

Two of the top companies in their respective industries have announced that they will publish Art for Hope, a limited edition digital art anthology that will benefit relief efforts in the wake of the terrible earthquake and resultant tsunami that devastated whole sections of Japan earlier this year.

VIZ Media, the premiere North American distributor and licensor of anime and mArt for Hope.jpganga, is teaming with Autodesk, Inc., the leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software, to create the eBook. One hundred percent of VIZ’s net proceeds going directly to aid Japan’s recovery efforts, and all artwork featured in the limited edition Art for Hope collection will be created using Autodesk’s SketchBook digital paint and drawing software.

While both companies have already begun working with various creators who will be contributing original work to the benefit volume, they are also asking that all artists who would like their own visual messages of hope to be included in the anthology to email them at for guidelines and more information on submitting their work. Teams from both companies will be working together to assemble a truly inspiring anthology, which will be released in the fall via VIZ Media’s Manga App.


Dead Apes in the Snow Showcases Sharp’s Skill

Liam Sharp.pngAlthough it’s nothing new that Liam Sharp will be attending this year’s Comic Con International San Diego as he’s done for several years running, this will be the first time he’s offered an official collection of his artwork.

Dead Apes in the Snow is described as a book that will appeal to both fans of Sharp’s expressive and explosive work, as well as connoisseurs of fine art. It’s a career-spanning retrospective that traces this vital artist’s evolution from his earliest days training with the late, great British artist Don Lawrence through his work on such iconic characters as Spider-Man, the Hulk, the X-Men, Batman, Superman, and Spawn, to his collaborations with legendary painter and illustrator Frank Frazetta and Douglas Rushkoff on The Death Dealer and Testament comic series, respectively, and beyond.

As for those poor souls who won’t be attending the San Diego Con -- which has long held the distinction of being the single largest comic convention in North America, and arguably the entire world -- you need not despair. Sharp has promised that Dead Apes in the Snow will be available online sometime after the convention ends on Sunday, the 17th of July.

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