Comics: Graphic Elvis, or Man and SuperElvis

Ever wonder if Elvis had superpowers? Oh, yeah, he did!

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Last month, Liquid Comics announced it would be publishing Graphic Elvis, a lavish oversized hardcover tribute to the power Elvis derived from, and fed back into, the super heroic ideosphere.

Timed to commemorate the 35th anniversary of his death next year, and released under license from Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc., Graphic Elvis will trace Presley’s life-long love of comic books, the many ways that comics influenced his personal style and sense of fashion, both at home and during performance, and how those four color adventures fueled the singer’s own fantasies.

The King of Rock 'n' Roll acknowledged the steady and strong influence that the comics medium had upon him in an acceptance speech he gave after winning the Top Ten Outstanding Men of America award in 1971. “When I was a child, ladies and gentlemen, I was a dreamer. I read comic books and I was the hero of the comic book… so every dream that I’ve dreamed has come true a hundred times.”

Graphic Elvis will deliver a new vision of that dream captured in the guise of a coffee table book. Inspired by the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s life-long love of comics, it will be filled with original artwork by dozens of today’s best comics and graphic artists recruited from across the globe, including Paul Pope, Greg Horn, Jeevan Kang and Mukesh Singh.

Additional material, such as the King’s hand-written notes and musings, some from the margins of books owned by the singer, will provide further insight into his fascination with that most democratic of all art forms, comics.

Sharad Devarajan, Co-Founder and current CEO of Liquid Comics, stated that “We are honored to be working with EPE, Inc. on this iconic celebration of Elvis’ legacy. Through his personal reflections and archives we hope to allow Elvis’ creativity to be channeled through the inspiring visuals from some of the most acclaimed creators in graphic fiction.”

Carol Butler, VP of Worldwide Licensing for EPE stated, “The images we’ve seen so far do an amazing job of representing the spirit, the energy and the passion of Elvis that continues to create new fans around the world today. We can’t wait to see what fantastic imagery will be created by the time the book is completed.”

Currently, there are three versions of the book planned. The first, a lavishly appointed premium hardcover edition limited to only 2,500 copies worldwide, will appear during the 2011 holiday shopping season. That limited edition, which is priced at $195.00, is now available for pre-order via

A second, oversized coffee-table version will see general release in early April, 2012.  Finally, there are plans for a more immersive digital edition, although that version won’t be available until later that same year.

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