Comics: YOE! To the Power of 4 at SD Comic-Con 2011

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Author-designer Craig Yoe and IDW Publishing announced they will debut four lavish coffee table hardcover art books during the annual Comic-Con International show in San Diego next week. Those new titles, along with a healthy selection of other volumes compiled by the Eisner Award-winning Yoe, will be available for sale at the IDW booth (#2643) throughout the convention. The four new titles are:

Amazing 3-D Comics details the history of 3-D comics from their very beginnings in the 1950s, and describes how their development parallels the modern 3-D movement in films. Beneath a spectacular multi-layered lenticular cover by living legend and a co-creator of 3-D comics, Joe Kubert, readers will find an engrossing introduction by Kubert, a fascinating historical essay by Yoe, and more than 20 stories featuring amazing art by a who’s who of comic artists, including Jack Kirby, Alex Toth, Bob Powell, Al Jaffe, and many more. Amazing 3-D Comics comes with a pair of custom 3-D glasses, and features a 3-D photo of Kubert and Yoe on its back cover.

The Big Book of CaCraig Yoe.jpgrl Bark’s Barney Bear reprints, for the first time in English and full color, all of the Barney Bear and Benny Burro tales by Carl Barks, the man typically known as “The Good Duck Artist.” As his nickname implies, Barks’ work on Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge comics is widely known, while many of his other efforts have too long been overlooked. This deluxe hardcover, which features a wonderful new cover and introduction by Jeff Smith, the creator of Bone and a life-long Barks fan, goes a long way to alleviate that situation.

The third new book, Archie’s Madhouse collects the best stories from the pages of the '60s era Madhouse. Featuring the work of many fan favorite Archie artists, such as Dan DeCarlo, Harry Lucey, Chic Stone, and Bob White, this book is filled with stories that are by turns satirical, silly, surreal, and just plain hilarious. “I don’t think any book I’ve ever done offers more fun than this material,” Yoe said, before going on to describe its contents as “Archie artists at their zaniest!”

While the preceding books all are published by IDW, the finalKrazy Kat.png debut, Krazy Kat and the Art of George Herriman, bears the Abrams ComicArts imprint. It presents a treasure trove of previously unpublished and ultra-rare paintings, drawings, strips, photos, animation-related art, essays and ephemera from one of the most revered cartoonists of his or any age. This oversized, utterly beautiful volume also features a special appreciation of Herriman’s accomplishments by none other than Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin and Hobbes.

This quartet joins an already impressive and rapidly growing library of art and Pop Culture books created by the incredibly prolific Craig Yoe and YOE! Studios. Learn more about these new volumes and Yoe’s previous books, including Archie: A Celebration of America’s Favorite Teenagers; Popeye: The Great Comic Book Tales by Bud Sagendorf; Barney Google: Gambling, Horse Races & High-Toned Women; and The Official Fart Book.

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