Guard Your Faces and Gird Your Loins, Ladies! The Photoshop Fairy Strikes Again - This Time It's Demi

Really? Again? Ugh.

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Am I the only one who had to do a double-take when I saw this?! Actually, my first thought when I saw it pop up in the ad bar next to my Hotmail account was, “Huh, that looks a lot like Demi Mo—ohmygoditisher.”

What with Britain banning overly-airbrushed ads and such, there’s been a lot of discussion about excessive Photoshopping in print media. And, if you ask me, with good reason.

Everyone maintains that with a flab-less bikini bod and a face that seems to be unaffected by gravity (naturally, she maintains), Demi Moore is one of Hollywood’s most ageless stars. And, you know, being that I have eyes, I have to agree that she’s absolutely lovely.

However, girlfriend is gaining on 50 - and in this ad, it would appear that Mrs. Kutcher’s gotten the Julia Roberts treatment. She looks like a CGI version of herself, for heaven’s sake! The line of her jaw looks unnatural, she appears to lack cheekbones, and there’s very little shading anywhere on her face (which even a 15-year-old would have).

Let me just say (as a young woman who isn’t just idealizing youth, as most of my friends are in their early to mid-20s and I get to look at their peppy, pretty faces all day) there is no way, gorgeous or not, that any woman could get that wrinkle-free, luminous, and “youthful-looking,” even with surgery. Although, perhaps if her skin really is that tight, it might mean that her sexy smolder isn’t really a smolder at all - she’s just physically unable to move.

Come on, what the hell, guys? Ann Taylor isn’t Cache, Bebe, or another boutiquey store targeting the juniors department, club-going set. It’s a brand aimed at women in the workplace seeking a sophisticated, put-together look that will get them noticed for all the right reasons. As Demi’s quote, featured alongside her faux-face in the ad, says, “The new Ann Taylor is chic, comfortable and beautiful from the inside out."

If that’s so, then maybe they should be less concerned with faking their spokesmodel’s youthfulness, and instead, accept her for what she is: a gorgeous woman with a bangin’ bod that makes their clothes look great.

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