How Clint Eastwood Preps for Emergencies - Celebs React to East Coast Earthquake 2011

Really People A 5.8?!?! But Should we all be better prepared? Here's what the fab people do.

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So I couldn't get enough of all the earthquake footage! Being a Cali girl, I've rock 'n' rolled through my fair share of earth shaking adventures and the ongoing coverage of a little rumbling on the East Coast had me giggling. Watching the "terror" on twitter was positively hysterical. Even sexy crooner Adam Levine found the whole experience "freakish."
And the head writer and exec producer for The Late Show with David Letterman, Justin Stangel really figured out what was most important in life.

JustinStangalTweetFinal.pngBut then again there was that earthquake in Colorado, the other one in Peru, and with Hurricane Irene barreling down I started to think, "Hmm, am I prepared for an emergency? I've got a case of Smart Water in the trunk of my Saab hatchback and a pair of shoes in the car. but is that enough?"

Turns out I'm not the only Cali girl who's thinking twice about her emergency plan.


As I sat on the beach contemplating my survival from mother nature's tectonic indigestion, one of my fav beach bartenders, Jason, introduced me to none other than Emergency Preparedness Consultant to the Stars, Cari Butler!

Cari&Family.jpgCari, who founded her company Emergency Cafe in 2005 in response to a severe lack of planning at her kid's schools, is a feisty West Side mom of two. She's consulted for Los Angeles' most fabulous on keeping their homes and families safe in the event of an emergency.

When I asked Cari why she thought the media has gone crazy with this East Coast coverage, she responded, "When you think of East Coast, you don't think of earthquakes. So everybody's trippin! They just aren't prepared," she continued.

"There's a new awareness, it's a good wake up call and a disaster could happen anywhere at any time, and being prepared is just a good thing to do."

Cari's clients have included Dina and Clint Eastwood who gave all their nearest and dearest an emergency preparedness kit for Christmas in 2008. Dina wrote a precious poem about keeping their friends safe and shipped off over a hundred to Hollywood's hottest. They were of course silk screened with Clint's latest project, Gran Torino.
EmergencyCafeCelebsFinal.pngCari has also done in-home consultation for some of the most powerful people in media, including NFL Network president, Steve Bornstein. Steve and his wife Carol live with their twin sons in a Beverly Hills 90210 home formerly owned by Fred Astaire. When I asked Carol about her experience with Cari she frankly said. "Cari taught me everything I know about keeping my family safe. Before I met her, I was terrified. She made me feel so much safer."

emmygarcia.jpgOther celebs who have an Emergency Cafe kit on hand include Ryan Seacrest, Brooke Shields, Oprah, and Tom Bergeron. Cari also prepped the home of My Name is Earl, Raising Hope and Family Guy writer and producer, Greg Garcia. "The coolest part about that job was making sure all his awards were secured."

Now since not all of us have 90210 homes or walls of Emmys to lock down, I asked Cari for her list of the things we should all do today to be prepared. For more, head on over to Emergency Cafe or click here for Cari's top tips.

safety tips emergency cafe.pdf

 Be safe darlings!

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