Lindsay Lohan, Mena Suvari, and Dania Ramirez: Possible Proof That Work Friends Aren't a Great Idea

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I don’t think Lindsay Lohan and Mena Suvari were ever besties. However, I definitely think that possibility is off the table now that Mena and fellow actress Dania Ramirez have posted a video to YouTube that spoofs Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and - yep, you guessed it - Miz Lohan.

Check it out below:

Lawsuit-happy Lilo is looking at possible legal options in this situation and will probably trying to bring some kind of hurt down on these two goofy girls the way she attempted to with Pitbull and his lyrics pertaining to her jail time.

Despite the fact they may not have been close, Mena and Lindsay both work in the same industry and, just like any other specialized field, Hollywood has a notoriously small-town feel. So I’m sure they’ve exchanged their fair share of nods and smiles.

While Lindsay, Dania, and Mena may not have started out as close friends in the workplace, a lot of people who spend loads of time with their coworkers end up counting their colleagues among their buddies. This isn’t always the best idea, as there are several factors that make it really tough to have actual friends at work.

You’re in competition with your buddies. Just like Mena and Dania used Lindsay and her fellow mockees in this attempt to move up in the public eye, many coworkers will throw your butt under the biggest bus they can find if a bigger paycheck, a promotion, or a rare pat on the back are at stake. Friendship’s built on trust, and no matter how good you are as people, it’s damn near impossible to trust someone when vast personal gain is at stake.

It makes impersonal work decisions way too personal. Work friendships are fun when you go out for drinks, but when less-than-optimal situations arise - one of your “friends” has to give you criticism, let you go, or gets promoted over you - they get unnecessarily complicated and you get far more emotional than you should. How could a friend do that, right? It’s because you’re not friends - you’re just friendly. Big, big difference.

Respect and friendship aren’t always the same thing. I like spending time with my friends, and I like spending time with people I respect. But those two feelings of liking are completely different. With my friends, I want to yammer on about dumb guys, what a pain work is, and how crazy my family is. With people I respect, however, I want to learn through observation, find out more effective ways to do my job, and discover new ways to adopt the valuable characteristics I recognize in them. Blurring those lines can get complicated.

Friends are, by nature, distracting. There’s a reason Facebook and Twitter are often off-limits in the office - because chatting up your friends on the clock distracts you from doing your job. And since distraction tends to lead to mistakes… you’re better off having people in the office you can take brain-breaks with (you know, chat about last night’s American Idol or speculate about office gossip when you’re brain-burned) and leaving the super-social relationships for your off-the-clock buddies.

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