The Mother of All Powerful Celebs: Why We’ve Given Lady Gaga So Much Influence

…and how you can get in on it, too.

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Forbes has released its annual Celebrity 100, self-described as “a measure of entertainment-related earnings and media visibility (exposure in print, television, radio and online). We also measure social media power by looking at each celebrity's presence on Facebook and Twitter. The earnings consist of pretax income between May 1, 2010, and May 1, 2011.”

Following that criteria, it should be no surprise that this year, with $90 million in tour revenue, 32 million Facebook fans, and 10 million Twitter followers, our favorite Mother Monster has bumped Oprah from her traditional top spot to become the mother of all influential celebs.

So why on earth do we care so much what she has to say? Why follow her, watch her, listen to her so closely? 

Here are a few of this lady’s Gaga-glamorous strategies for success and how to apply them in everyday life:gaga and oprah.jpg

She’s batpoop crazy and makes no bones about it. She may look like a caricature of couture half the time, but you also get the feeling that there’s something genuine, some sincere caring about what she does and the people she does it for.

Don’t be a fake, kiss-ass, bitchy, and/or head so far up people’s asses you can’t see kind of worker. Embrace the things that make you different, be sincere about them, and use them to create human connections with your clients and your coworkers.

She’s a BRILLIANT self-marketer. Her multifaceted innovation has garnered a ton of attention, and she maintains it by always going bigger and better. By catering to those who feel left out, persecuted, and weird, she’s cornered a powerful niche market - in fact, she’s made being an outcast mainstream and completely fabulous.

So, market yourself: know your audience - your boss, your team, your readers - and find unique, sustainable ways to stand out to them (in a good way!).gaga pool.jpg

She’s never afraid to jump the groove. Despite the fact that most artists are content to give identical performances of their singles, I think I’ve heard at least three or four live versions of “Edge of Glory,” and all of them are fantastic.

Routines keep you in line, but when it comes to your job performance, never settle, because you’ll lose the spark that first got people interested. Always be thinking of ways to improve and innovate and your stock will skyrocket.

She empowers people. This is what kept Oprah at the top for so long, as well, because it’s the number one, most essential way to do business, whether you’re an entertainer, a desk jockey, or janitor.

While righteous exclusivity makes a small group feel special, people are far more dedicated to those who make them feel good, valuable, like they matter, no matter their situation or lifestyle. If you raise others up - rather than making them feel like crap - they’ll return the favor.

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