A Star is Back: The Return of Beyonce

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In a world of Bristols and Bachelorettes (meaning acclaimed “author” Bristol Palin, and that damn reality girl that has graced the covers of the entertainment magazines this week, I still don’t know her name), it’s easy to forget that full-blown exotic talent exists out there.

Beyonce Knowles has returned to the music scene this Tuesday, releasing her album titled 4. She’s won 16 Grammys, sold millions of albums, and recently performed on Good Morning America giving an extensive interview of what she’s done the past couple of years. Besides giving a 119-city worldwide tour, she decided to direct a documentary exploiting what it’s like inside Beyonce’s coveted inner sanctum, during said worldwide tour.

During a grueling straight nine-day stint performing non-stop, Knowles reached her brink, crying on camera while divulging her uncensored thoughts on film that she’s being treated like a machine, working relentlessly while no one seems to notice the havoc it’s wreaking on her mind and body. “When you work that hard, you just need someone to say stop. You know?” she explained to the lens.

220px-Judy_Garland_in_Presenting_Lily_Mars.jpgBut it seems Beyonce won’t stop. Later this year, she is scheduled to start filming the remake of the film A Star is Born with director Clint Eastwood. The 1954 film starred Judy Garland, a role in which she was snubbed for an Academy Award despite critical acclaim and outbursts by fans.

Beyonce’s new role seems to be destined. Garland and Knowles actually share very similar personal and professional accomplishments. Both started out in girl groups in their adolescence (although Judy’s The Garland Sisters didn’t have so much mid-drift exposure as Destiny’s Child), both broke into film, both married, and both workaholics.

Garland was pushed by studios to work non-stop and be in top physical form. When Garland passed away at the age of 47, co-star Ray Bolger spoke at her funeral saying, “She just plain wore out.” Triple-threats such as Garland and Beyonce are held up to inconceivable standards. Dancing, singing, acting - who needs sleep?

During Beyonce’s Good Morning America interview she discussed further her new documentary Beyonce: I am …World Tour, saying of the stress of her stardom, “Your voice is a muscle and it needs rest…I was just delirious and feeling sorry and bad and I was like, you know, 'I need rest.' ... And in the end, I cried because clearly I'm a human being and I bleed and I hurt and I cry and I fall just like anybody else."

Typically when a recording artist releases a new album, a series of music videos are made and more performances, tours, appearances, and press events are to follow. With 4’s upcoming projected success, adding her film schedule could be a lot to handle. Hopefully Jay-Z won’t take up drinking, or we could see a sad repeat in showbiz history.

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