A View To a Kill - Jousting With the Ladies, Face to Face With Trump

It was a bad day to be a guy on The View.

The men got a kicking on today's The View with Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and Co. The Terminator now the Sperminator aka Arnie Schwarzenegger felt the wrath of the ladies after revelations that the former Californian governor had fathered a child with a member of his staff during his marriage to Kennedy scion, Maria Schriver.  

Whoopi zeroed in on Donald Trump for special mention, arguing that his proposed run for president was something of a 'wank.' That is to say self-indulgent behaviour that mislead those who took him seriously as a contender for the Republican party nomination. 

Actor Jim Belushi, who along with myself was a guest on the ABC show, alluded to the intimidating atmosphere. The burly 6ft 2inch entertainer stated that it was a bad day to be a guy on the show. 

I was there to talk about the American version of my new book, William and Catherine: Their Story. It was challenging for me for different reasons. Barbara Walters is a grand dame of journalism who knows and has interviewed just about everyone. I saw her briefly outside Buckingham Palace during the royal wedding, and the seasoned pro that she was she had learned just about every fact that was to know about the House of Windsor - including how many bathrooms there are inside Buckingham Palace. She probably knew more about my subjects than me.

In the end it was a lot of fun jousting and joshing with the ladies. Whoopi's comment about the Donald, who I happened to see in New York minutes after he had announced that he was not running for president, reminded me of the time I had breakfast with him at Mar a Lago, his place in Palm Beach, Florida. I was on a book tour with Monica Lewinsky and he kindly invited us to stay at his country club. Over breakfast he talked about the problems that billionaires like himself face. He had come to the reluctant conclusion that his private 737 jet was just too small for his giant needs.

Ever one to spot an opportunity he noticed that King Hussein of Jordan, who had just died, had a 747 jumbo jet going spare. He was considering approaching the Jordanian government with an eye to buying it. It would have enabled him to build an inflight golf course or some such to while away the hours as he traveled from one Trump tower complex to another.
The takeaway is this though. As I listened to him discuss his problems, I actually found myself feeling sorry for the guy. How could he be deprived of his Jumbo? That of course is part of his charm and charisma - but also the reason why he will never be a man of the people. The cut and thrust of the Presidential race would have brought even his giant ego down to earth.

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