Lauryn Hill Pregnancy: Miscommunication Leads to Complication

A reclusive hip hop legend announces her 6th pregnancy. Her beau denies being the baby-daddy. Where's Maury Povich when we need him?!

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Well this is awkward!

When hip hop icon Lauryn Hill announced that she was expecting her sixth child, dubbing herself the "most fertile woman in the world," her legions of fans took to the web sending well wishes to the musician and her longtime beau, Rohan Marley. But soon, things got a bit complicated.

Just hours after the news broke, Marley fired off a series of tweets in response to the congratulatory messages that were quickly filling up his Twitter page.

"2 things," he wrote. "I'm not married and I don't have anyone expecting anything."

When a follower pressed on, asking the son of the legendary reggae artist if he was saying that Hill is pregnant, but that the child belongs to someone else, Rohan replied: "That is correct until I say out of my mouth to the contrary."

Wait, what?!

Is this the "big secret" Lauryn was referring to all year as she dropped those not-so-subtle hints about her pregnancy?

Neither party has since made any comments to the press, which is by no means a surprise, considering the couple - er, former couple's private nature and the manner in which they've managed to keep their children Zion, 13, Selah, 12, Joshua, 9, John, 8, and Sarah, 3, out of the public eye. And Marley, who expressed that he was somewhat delighted to be able to use the social networking platform to "correct the incorrect," has removed all baby-daddy denial tweets from his Twitter page. So, the saga continues.

Whatever the outcome, we can't help but remain slightly - okay, a little more than slightly hopeful that the former leading lady of The Fugees will use this experience as inspiration for a kick-ass new album. Oh, and world peace. We also hope for world peace.

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