Abercrombie's Situation: "Hey Jersey Shore, Don't Wear Our Clothes!"

Picking up trash from the beach and putting it in the media

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The pot (Abercrombie & Fitch) is calling the kettle (the Jersey Shore cast) black.

After Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino wore an Abercrombie shirt with an unblurred logo on an episode of the hit reality show, the clothing company that’s previously attracted controversy for its less-than-legal and less-than-clothed models publicly offered the show’s entire cast a payoff to stop wearing its clothes, as their conduct doesn’t the fitchuation.jpgmatch up with A&F’s “aspirational” standards and might “distress” the brand’s fans.

There are so, so many jokes I could make right now.

First off, Aspirational Abercrombie? Should I aspire to be a 14 year-old half-clothed anorexic model? Or should I aspire to be topless and wrapped around a guy with pecs bigger than my boobs? Perhaps I should just aspire to asphyxiate someone with my horribly cloying perfume.

Second, and perhaps most importantly, we all knew Jersey Shore was trashy to the extreme, but friends, guidos and countrymen - you know your lifestyle has crossed a line when a brand that has made its fortune on tiny clothes, smothery cologne, and half-naked teens no longer wants you to wear its products.

I could keep going.

Though plenty of PR and pop culture analysts are calling this a PR stunt, the response by the cast of the Jersey Shore reveals they might be a little offended at the public “affront.” Pauly D snapped out this tweet earlier, “Hmmm if They Don't Want Us To Wear Those Clothes Why Make GTL Shirts #yourPRsux.”

Vinny Guadagnino, however, got a little nastier, tweeting, “#lasttimeiworeabercrombie I still hadn’t discovered masturbation.” Oh, ew. Thank you very, very much for almost justifying this whole crazy stunt, Vinny….

He then added, “#lasttimeIworeabercrombie there were still stores in NY to buy it at.” Ooo, burn.

What’s even funnier is that, The Situation, at whom this PR ploy was leveled, was the classiest one of the three to respond, though he still linked his “Looks like Abercrombie got themselves into a Situation” tweet to a negative stock report for A&F.

Usually, I try to have some kind of “here’s my advice for how to avoid this pop culture craziness” type of wrap-up to my articles, but since I’m somewhere between laughing hysterically and gagging from disgust, I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

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