Casting Update: Another Kardashian on Dancing with the Stars?

First it was Kim; now which member of reality TV's royal family is heading to the ballroom floor?

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Who could forget Kim Kardashian’s pathetic performance and shockingly bad booty-shaking on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars in 2008?

Now, TMZ reports that another member of reality TV’s royal family will be hitting the dance floor in season 13 of the hit series… Rob Kardashian!

Will he outlast his sister’s three week run in the competition? Here’s a better question: Could he possibly be any worse?!

The addition of one of the biggest surnames in television today is part of the show’s initiative to bring in stars with higher wattage than those who have stumbled on to the ballroom floor in seasons past - or at least ones with names that are more recognizable than the DWTS pros, who’ve become mainstream celebs themselves over the years. Though I'm admittedly super-psyched at the mere thought of Rob Kardashian sporting an unbuttoned shirt and tight pants, I have to say, I'm slightly disappointed if this is an example of the high profile celebrities the show’s going to be touting this season.

It's still early, and the remaining cast members selected for Season 13 of Dancing with the Stars won't be announced for another few weeks.  However, with the amount of effort put into cementing a deal with Rob (there appears to be of a conflict with Kim Kardashian’s upcoming nuptials to NBA player Kris Humphries, though sources say both parties have worked out a plan to make it feasible), and now rumors that The Jersey's Shore's Snooki will also be joining the cast, I can't help but worry that this season could end up looking more like the 2020 cast of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew than an all-star casting of DWTS.

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