Gilbert Arenas vs. Basketball Wives -- What's Arenas Hiding?

Why is the NBA star trying so hard to stop the VH-1 reality show from airing?

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On Monday, August 29th, Basketball Wives L.A. is set to premiere with another line-up of current and future exes of some of basketball’s biggest names. But just like the show’s original, featuring Shaunie O’Neal, players including Chris Bosh, Dwight Howard, and Shaunie’s ex, Shaquille O’Neal, aren’t too happy about their business being put on blast; especially Gilbert Arenas of the Orlando Magic.

The hoops star has already slapped the producers with a motion to keep his baby mama (x4) and former fiancĂ©e, Laura Govan, from appearing on the VH-1 reality show, and he’s even demanding that the name “Basketball Wives” be changed. Oh, and he’d also like some cash for his troubles. (Really?!)

BBWLA.jpgIf successful, Arenas could have the show yanked from VH-1’s lineup just a week before it’s supposed to premiere. But what is it that he’s so afraid of the public finding out about? As if all this legal action is really keeping things hush-hush?

Is it the child support battles; the disappearing act he pulled on his family when traded to Orlando in December of 2010 without even a “goodbye” to Laura and the kids, cutting off all money and communication from that point on - right before Christmas? Or could it be the rumors that Govan has dirt on him dealing marijuana?

Gilbert, we’re not sure if you’re aware of this, but whether the show airs or not, there’s this little thing called “Google” that also tells people how much of a d**k you are. And, just try to take that down... see where that gets you.

But is there more that the all-star guard is trying to hide? And can it really get much worse than all of that?

If so, Arenas, could probably save himself a few thousand in legal fees by NOT doing things that he wouldn’t want other people to find out about, and I don’t know…treating Laura and the kids a little better so she doesn’t feel the need to put all of his business out there.

Not going down without a fight, Shed Media has filed an anti-SLAPP motion against Arenas, pointing out that just because he’s famous, it doesn’t mean that his ex-girlfriend automatically loses her constitutional right to free speech and can’t talk about her own life publicly. You know they're not playing if they pulled the constitution out on his a**!

The hearing for the anti-SLAPP motion is ironically scheduled for August 29 - yes, the show’s premiere date. So, stay tuned to find out if we’ll ever get to see all the drink-throwin’, weave-pullin’ and other drama that we’ve come to expect from our Basketball Wives.

What's your take on Gilbert Arenas' lawsuit against Basketball Wives LA? Sound off in the comments below.

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