Jersey Shore's Angelina Pivarnick: The Media Caused Me to Miscarry

The former MTV reality starlet blames the press and the baby daddy for her tragic loss.

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It was just three short months ago that Jersey Shore alum Angelina Pivarnick announced that she was pregnant with her first child. But in a recent appearance on The Father Albert Talk Show, airing August 4, the self-proclaimed “Kim Kardashian of the Jersey Shore” revealed that she suffered a miscarriage, placing blame on the media and her baby daddy for her loss.

“Everyone in the tabloids and media weren’t really leaving me alone about it,” Pivarnick tells Father Albert. “Basically, I wanted it to be my personal business and it really wasn’t. It was really hard and I went through a lot of stress and I ended up losing the baby.”

Medical experts have yet to prove or disprove that stress can actually cause a woman to miscarry, but Pivarnick seems to be rather sure. And it’s not just the press that contributed to the added strain and tension she experienced during her pregnancy; Angelina is also pointing fingers at the baby's father, whom she refrained from naming.

Earlier in the year it was reported that Pivarnick and David Kovacs were engaged. Two months later - and only two days after Angelina’s shocking baby news broke - the couple split, with David claiming that the reality TV starlet had cheated on him, leading to speculation that he was not the father of the child. Now, the “I’m Hot” singer seems to either be denying that Kovacs was ever her fiancĂ©, or that the baby was his, telling Father Albert that the baby daddy was “just a guy I was with.”

“He wasn’t even there for me … he was tormenting me … and it was definitely a big reason why I think what happened to me happened to me,” says Angelina. “It was definitely a reality check.”

Heartbreaking indeed, but with a history of crazy publicity stunts in her past and dodgy details about the pregnancy to begin with, some are questioning whether or not there was ever a baby at all.

Was Angelina Pivarnick ever pregnant, and if so, was the media to blame for her tragic loss? Sound off in the comments below.

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