From Jail Cells to Novelty Sales: Teen Mom's Gary Shirley Launches T-Shirt Line

Just weeks after the infamous baby daddy was arrested, he brings "Gary Time" to the masses -- in t-shirt form.

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Gary Shirley and daughter Leah

Gary Shirley, who rose to fame as Amber Portwood's baby daddy on the MTV reality series 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, has announced that he's stepping into the business world with the launch of a new t-shirt line.

The shirts, all featuring Shirley's catchphrase, "Gary Time" along with his smiling face, are being sold online, and according to the reality TV star, a portion of each sale will go toward his two-year-old daughter, Leah.

While it's not clear why Gary found it necessary to tell fans that he'll be using his income to help him raise the toddler -- something we would have assumed had he not said it -- but now that he has, it makes us wonder. What we do know is now that he has sole custody of little Leah, he's going to need every last penny!

An Indiana judge recently ruled that Shirley was able to provide Leah with a safer living environment than her 20-year-old mother, whose home and vehicle had been vandalized. Portwood agreed with the court's decision, maintaining visitation rights with her daughter until it's determined that she is able to regain primary custody.

This news comes only weeks after Shirley was awarded legal and physical custody after police found Shirley in a parked car arguing with Portwood. When he presented his suspended license as identification, the officer arrested the reality star and took him into custody. After some police-enforced Gary Time, Shirley was released on a $3,000 bond.

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