TMR Bachelor Exclusive: Details on Ben Flajnik's Hometown Dates

Um... Spoiler Alert!

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The season premiere of The Bachelor starring Ben Flajnik isn't set to premiere until January 2012, but TMR already has the inside scoop on what Ben and his ladies are up to so far!

On Friday, September 23, 11 bachelorettes were spotted in Sonoma Plaza in Flajnik's hometown of Sonoma, California, as they waited to film their individual interviews. Ben was also present at the Plaza that day, and reportedly stayed very late (or early, however you want to look at it), with First Street being closed to all traffic.


Hmm... So what was Ben doing out on the streets of Sonoma so late, and who was he with?

According to our sources, during the day, Ben and a mystery lady were seen entering a local store in downtown Sonoma, also known as "The Square," where they purchased a baton that they saw in the window. The bachelorette twirled her new baton down the street, and apparently, she was pretty good at it, too (really?). The twosome were later seen at a movie theater, but it's not yet clear whether they actually saw a movie, or just stopped in for a visit.

Who was this lucky bachelorette who managed to snag the adorable winemaker away from the competition?

Love him or hate 'em, Reality Steve is usually pretty spot on about all things Bachelor and Bachelorette, and has confirmed four of the young ladies competing for Ben Flajnik's heart in the upcoming season: Elyse Myers, a 24-year-old personal trainer from Tampa, FL; Erika Uhlig, 23, the current Miss Chicago; Heather Freshwater, 25, a 7th grade Language Arts teacher from Knoxville, TN; and Jamie Otis, a 23-year-old maternity nurse from Cortland, NY.

Could Erika Uhlig be the baton-twirling mystery girl? Perhaps. Her official talent is listed as "Jazz Violin," but isn't twirling basically taught in Beauty Pageant Prep 101?

Stay tuned for more Bachelor spoilers, right here at The Morton Report.

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Photo Credits: ABC, Sonoma News

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