Kate Middleton's Little Brother James "Lawyers Up" Over Naked Pics

James Middleton - welcome to your moment in the hotseat.

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Gawker.com, NYPost

James Middleton, youngest member of the newly minted royal-by-marriage family, has discovered fame has a price. James, who made his global debut when he gave a reading at his big sister Kate's wedding to Prince William last Friday, is finding himself over-exposed.  As in naked.

JamesMiddletonBoxers.jpgScandalous pictures of James Middleton were published on the Gawker network site Fleshbot.com, who have stated they've been contacted by legal counsel representing James Middleton demanding the photos be removed. However, after some very simple searching on the internet, Gawker's pretty convinced the emails are from James Middleton himself.

James is learning the hard way that a little bit of fame, even peripherally, can dig up some pretty embarrassing skeletons from one's closet. The photos, which are racy, but hardly the most scandalous thing this celeb gossip veteran's seen, will only further enhance the media's interest in the handsome, youngest Middleton.  William and Kate are ratings gold, but they are now under the watchful royal eye -- but hot single siblings -- they are the next best thing!

pippa_middleton--300x300.jpgBut don't feel too sad for poor James, he has his sister Pippa's shoulder to cry on.  Just today the NYPost published pics of a shirtless Pippa dancing with a shirtless man at a party. I thought the Middleton's were millionaires, can't someone buy these two kids some clothes for heaven's sake?

It was a fairly lame move emailing Gawker pretending to be a lawyer.  That is the type of thing which gives them major boners and fuel for their snarky fire. THEY LOVE IT. 

My advice to James, embrace your nudity, smile demurely and move on. Oh, and make sure you go and clean out your closet....quickly.

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