Kates Marry Princes, But Chelsys Have More Fun

Chelsy wears sequins and leopard print. She shows a little cleavage.

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Today at the nail salon I had what I call a Middleton moment.

As I was deciding on a hue for my nibbled-down nails, my mind went to Kate and Pippa. Both are classy girls, indeed, who undoubtedly don subdued colors on their perfectly manicured claws.

I legitimately considered abandoning my regular neons and statement colors in favor of a nude, matte polish. What girl doesn't want to be a bit more like Kate? And, hello, the entire world is suddenly obsessed with Pippa, her derriere and her chic, near-royal style.

But you know who else is pretty damn fabulous and has stolen the heart of a prince? Chelsy Davy.

So as I snatched up a flashy purple polish, I came to the conclusion that  I am unabashedly a Chelsy, not a Kate, or even a Pippa.

The blonde South African heiress didn't shine on the royal wedding day - she wore her hair pulled back, a prim, matronly dress, and had bags under her eyes that were pretty indicative of some raucous late night partying. She wasn't front and center like Kate - or borderline stealing the show like Pippa - but she was the date of the world's hottest ginger who also happens to be a prince.

Chelsy and Harry have dated on-and-off since 2004. And while she's not as prim as Kate (who I hear rarely drinks), or as polished as Pippa (who is a party girl in her own right, but still pretty tame) she has a damn good time and a royal romance all her own.

Chelsy wears sequins and leopard print. She shows a little cleavage. She's not afraid of over-bleaching her hair or stepping out with a serious case of bed-head. She's been Harry's partner in crime on some of his more scandalous nights out. She trudges through the city hungover with smeared mascara and hops on double decker buses like everyone else.

She's done her own thing, and continues to do so. Unlike Kate and Pippa, she doesn't work for her parents' multi-million dollar company. She's starting in the fall as an attorney at one of London's top firms.

And while she might not be a media darling like the Middleton girls, she's doing just fine. Maybe she'll end up a royal and maybe she won't. But as an intuitive friend of mine pointed out to me: Kates might marry princes, but Chelsys have more fun!

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