Lindsay Lohan Cops Plea, Princess Beatrice Auctions Ridiculous Hat

Two young women, one stole a necklace, one wore a really ugly hat.

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Lindsay Cops a Plea, Will Likely Serve no Jail Time

The latest saga in the never-ending saga that is Lindsay Lohan's life, seems to have resolved itself.

Lindsay was in court today on charges stemming from an alleged theft of a $2500 necklace back in February from a Venice jewelry store. Initially, Lindsay and her legal team rejected a plea deal and were planning to take the case before a jury, but today she and her lawyer entered a "no contest" plea in the jewelry case and the judge sentenced Lindsay to 120 days in jail, 480 hours of community service.

Sounds like a tough sentence, however, a spokesperson for the L.A. sheriff's office stated Lindsay would most likely be eligible for home detention, with her 120-day sentence reduced to an actual 14-day at home sentence. She is slated to perform her community service at a downtown homeless shelter for women in LA, as well as janitorial services at the city morgue.  Lindsay must also receive psychological counseling, including a program called Shoplifters Alternative. 

Lindsay is also slated to star as Victoria Gotti for a new film based on the Gotti family.  The film, Gotti: Three Generations has already signed on John Travolta to star as John Gotti, the one time mafia boss for the NYC Gambino crime syndicate.

One thing is certain, Lindsay has first hand knowledge of various forms of criminal activity. Maybe Lindsay's just been doing some method acting all along.

Princess Beatrice to Auction Silly Royal Wedding Hat

Princess Beatrice.jpgIf Sarah Ferguson is the black sheep of the royal family, then what does that make her two princess daughters Beatrice and Eugenie?

Both girls accompanied their father Prince Andrew to the wedding of their cousin Prince William to Catherine Middleton, absent from the royal gala event was their mother, the Duchess of York.

But don't worry, HRH Beatrice represented her mother in good stead, and had tongues wagging at last month's royal wedding for donning what is now almost universally described as an "ugly" hat, or fascinator to be specific. Beatrice bears an uncanny resemblance to her mother Fergie, and both seem to have an air of "tackiness" to them in both their fashion sense and their demeanor. 

That being said, the bizarre Philip Treacy designed hat, is now set to be auctioned off on eBay with proceeds to benefit Unicef.  So like her mother, she's also doing good charitable works.  

Let's hope the buyer of the hat finds a good use for it.  Perhaps it should star in its own Dr. Seuss book. Scat In The Hat? The Hat Who Stole Good Taste? One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Super Ugly Hat?  Ok, I'll stop.

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