William and Kate Take Their Vows

William and Kate's royal wedding goes off without a hitch!

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The long awaited day has arrived and Prince William and Kate Middleton (now officially the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) are married. 

What an amazing event, from the pageantry to the anticipation of the royal couple's first kiss, the air bristled with excitement. A cool, grayish morning greeted the hundreds of thousands of well-wishers and procession watchers. When Will and Kate emerged from Westminster Abbey to meet the waiting throngs, the clouds parted to reveal a hint of sun, as if the heavens were nodding their approval of the union.

The much awaited news of who designed Kate's dressed was answered almost instantly when she emerged from her car at the Abbey.  As our very own Lydia Morton hinted, (despite emphatic denials to the contrary) Sarah Burton, creative director at Alexander McQueen, designed Kate's gorgeous gown.

A plunging cut out neckline, accented with a lace sleeves and bodice and an eight foot train, Kate's look inspired comparison's to Princess Grace of Monaco's wedding dress.  And the comparisons are apt - both women looked very regal and right at home in their royal role.

As close to 2 billion people from around the world took their place as viewers to the biggest event of the century, few people could have been disappointed by how it all turned out.  From fancy fascinators to stylish top hats, the 1900 or so guests at Westminster Abbey were treated to a gorgeous royal affair.  The formally informal service brought out the tears and the joy, and the couple performed beautifully -- certainly with a bit of visible nervousness.

With the most heart-pounding moments behind them, Will and Kate and the rest of the royal wedding party cheerfully galloped back to Buckingham Palace in their horse-drawn carriages, grinning ear-to-ear, to partake in the rest of the days festivities.

Well done Kate and Wills, well done!

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