Terrorist or Christian Fundamentalist? Is There A Difference?

How the media controls the message.

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On Friday, July 22, 2011 an explosive device detonated near a government building in the quiet city of Oslo, Norway. A few hours later, on the island of Utoya at a youth summer camp, a lone gunman began a shooting rampage that left at least 84 people dead. As soon as American television news agencies picked up on the story, they began parading their officious sounding "expert commentators" before the camera to let the world know who was to blame for these heinous acts.
Before there were any facts released or investigation by the Norwegian authorities, the collective American media had the culprits pegged. Of course, it had to be some sleeper cell of al Qaeda or another Muslim terrorist group bent on the destruction of our wonderful happy little white Christian world.

But wait a moment! The Norwegian police have a man in custody and have released a photo of suspect Anders Behring Breivik, and something is really wrong with this picture.

"OMG, where is the black hair and beard?"

"This can't be right. He's white and Christian."

"No, this can't be the terrorist."

Are we really safe from terrorist harm once again?

Breivik is a white Christian terrorist. Pardon my mistake; he's a white European, so he is a right-wing Christian fundamentalist. Apparently in America only non-white Muslims are terrorists.

Since 9/11, every time there is an explosion or unexplained negative event it is always non-white Muslims who are to blame. These so-called experts that news organizations like CNN or FOX (not really a news organization, but that is a different article) put on camera seem to be reading from the same myopic, xenophobic, racist bull***t page that Dubya made popular as he tumbled the world into a place of hatred and chaos.

We have become so blind to truth that we cannot and will not accept the fact that the world is full of bad people who wish to cause harm to others.

What color are these people? Hate, disenfranchisement, and despair are experienced by persons of every color. What religion do they believe in? Every religion. More wars have been fought due to religious beliefs than anything else.

The media is calling the events in Norway the "European Oklahoma City," referring to Timothy McVeigh's 1995 truck bombing at a federal building which killed 168 men, women, and children. This too was planned and carried out by a white right wing militant group, and once again the perpetrator was called a "fundamentalist," not a "terrorist." Of course, before 9/11 the "T" word wasn't used quite so freely.

Whenever the news media comes out with their experts who know it all, about everything, we really have to listen to what they are saying. We have to listen carefully and critically because these experts have an agenda and many times that agenda is to instill fear and hatred of someone who prays differently than they do. America and the rest of the world needs to wake up and take a stand - not against Muslims, but against hatred and lies.

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