Circumstantial Chemistry Proves To Be A Winner For Death Ships

But Death Ships are NOT what you think they are

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Death Ships is not the kind of band you think they are. Not even close. Instead, even though the name implies heated blasts of metal music from towering stacks, Death Ships is actually a different kind of music, certainly not metal.

Death Ships is the creation of Dan Maloney, whose carefully, but fully crafted songs reminds of an earlier era of rock, when the airwaves would be filled with pop/rock bands who let folk sensibilities filter through the music. Begun in the early years of the new millennium, Maloney nurtured his vision of Death Ships, eventually bringing the band home to his native Chicago, likely to give the band a chance to develop into the delightfully satisfying band it has become.


Maloney's band released their first album, Seeds of Devastation, back in 2006, following that up with a Nilsson/Lennon-like set of tracks on the four-song EP, Maybe Arkansas, released in 2010 in preparation for the new full-length album, Circumstantial Chemistry.

The newest album, takes a slightly different pathway with its ten songs, although the soul of '70s rock 'n' roll is entrenched. The album begins with the catchy “Fan Sleeper,” a perfect starter for a contagiously listenable album. It's followed by the change-of-pace “Chinatown Girl,” itself a fun pop track. The album closes with the excellent, rockin' “Fortune Wheel.” There are all kinds of repeat listening tracks within the confines of Circumstantial Chemistry, reminiscent of the best that a familiar Pop/Rock band could transfer to your consciousness.

Death Ships has toured with some big names, Decemberists, Delta Spirit, and Low, amongst them. And if you watch Vampire Diaries, Teen Mom, and/or 16 & Pregnant, then chances are that you've already heard Death Ships.

Circumstantial Chemisty, while currently in release since June 30 worldwide as a CD and DD, will likely be pressed on vinyl for fans of the format.

Circumstantial Chemistry is a wonderful album that should make new fans pleased with what they hear. I hope you become a fan of this unsigned gem of a band.

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