Star Trek's Robert Picardo Among The Familiar Faces In The Legends Of Nethiah

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Remember when you were a child and your mom, dad or other grown-up took the time to tell you a story. As you listened to their voice, you were suddenly transported to a faraway land, magical kingdom or other wondrous place where just about anything was possible.

For one little boy, the act of storytelling has never been more important. In the upcoming sci-fi/fantasy feature film The Legends of Nethiah, Gabriel (Jared Young) discovers both the hope and courage to weather his parents’ bitter divorce thanks to the powerful stories told to him and embellished by his grandfather (Robert Picardo, Star Trek: Voyager, Stargate Atlantis). These tales, about an unlikely hero named Nethiah, give Gabriel the strength as well as resolve to face the challenges that the future holds for him, including having to ultimately choose which parent to live with.

Produced by Howard Nash (Children of the Night, Chasing the Green), the making of the film, which also stars John Heard (Big, Home Alone, Home Alone 2) and Theresa Russell (Black Widow, Spiderman 3), was a true collaborative process. “The Legends of Nethiah is based on a script by Emilio Iasiello, one of the most talented writers I’ve ever worked with,” says Nash. “We had an idea for a fantasy film, and asked Emilio to sketch it out. The initial idea went from an outline to full screenplay, and in 2009 we began shooting.

“John Heard and Robert Picardo are friends of mine and we had worked together on previous films. When Nethiah came along, I had no idea whether or not they would be available, but we asked them to sign on and are very glad that they did. [Director] Russ Emanuel did a superb job of interpreting and ‘bringing to life’ Emilio’s original story. It was wonderful to have him direct the project, especially since he, too, had previously worked with Robert and John.”

The Legends of Nethiah is scheduled for a fall release and is a movie that Nash feels can be enjoyed by children and adults. “What’s most appealing is that Nethiah is a family film,” he notes. “We were especially attuned (when developing the film) in keeping with a ‘family-friendly’ focus.

“Of course, we’d love for your readers to check out the trailer as well as visit us on Facebook and ‘like’ our page. We need to get the word out!” enthuses Nash.

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