The Movie Spew: Mike Myers Dips Back Into the Austin Powers Well

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Mike Myers Finally Admits Defeat and Agrees To Make Austin Powers 4

It’s been nine wonderful years since Goldmember officially killed off the once hilarious Austin Powers franchise and that seems to have worked out just fine for everyone involved. Well, maybe not everyone. Mike Myers has had it a bit rough over the last decade, with his biggest contribution to cinema being a cameo in Inglourious Basterds, lending his voice to several unnecessary Shrek sequels, and creating one of the worst movies of all time in The Love Guru.

The 2000s were tough on Myers who was unquestionably one of the biggest comedy names of the '90s. Perhaps it was inevitable that Myers would return to his most famous creation in an attempt to win back audiences and it’s officially been confirmed that Myers will be putting on his fake teeth and bald cap again to bring back Austin Powers for yet another sequel.

Given that everyone seemed to tire of the character by part three, this could be a mistake. Myers is a genuine talent, so there’s always a chance that he’s got something up his sleeve. However, after the disaster of The Love Guru, it’s difficult to say. Hopefully this four-quel will bring something new to the characters, but don’t hold your breath. At the very least we can all expect to be treated to a new collection of genital-related puns. That’s something, right?

Disney Cancels Lone Ranger Movie

Here’s an odd one. Disney Studios just made $1 billion on a sub-par fourth Pirates Of The Caribbean movie and had star Johnny Depp locked down to star as Tonto in a Lone Ranger movie. Depp always wanted to play the role and his star power combined with the original show’s brand name pretty well guaranteed a big box office take. The movie seemed like a no brainer. Yet, for some reason the studio announced that they have canceled The Lone Ranger.

Pirates and Rango director Gore Verbinski had already signed on to direct the movie with Jerry Bruckheimer producing. Everything seemed like it was ready to go, but Disney suddenly and unexpectedly pulled out, concerned that the proposed $250-$275 million budget was too much of a risk for a Western (perhaps Cowboys And Aliens’ poor performance at the box office played a role in the decision). Depp still hopes the movie will happen, but given that Disney announced the cancellation themselves, that seems unlikely.

At this point Depp would probably have to threaten not to make Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 just to get The Lone Ranger made and while that’s not out of the question, it seems odd that the actor would put his name on the line of a big screen TV adaptation. Still, he’s a strange and unpredictable guy so it’s entirely possible. We shall see, I suppose. Stay tuned…

Glee 3D Bombs, Yet Somehow Life Goes On

It was clear that something was up with FOX’s Glee The 3D Concert Movie when it was announced the film would only play in a limited two-week theatrical engagement. Generally speaking, studios don’t like to limit the run of their movies and lose money, so they must have been aware that audiences weren’t too keen on this theatrical experience.

Gleek cultures seems to have mercifully calmed down over the last year or so and that was never more apparent than in the concert film’s pitiful opening weekend at the box office. Glee The 3D Concert Movie finished in 11th place and only made $5.7 million despite the 3D-enhanced ticket price. I guess audiences weren’t anxious to see a concert movie of cover songs that they could also watch for free on TV on a weekly basis. I wonder how the studio managed to see that coming? Curious…

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