Where is Christina Perasso? Wedding Day Clues

The Inside Experience - Best friend or Bridezilla?

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The Inside Experience (find out about the hottest thing on the Internet) is beginning to turn up the heat in the search for Christina Perasso. As Christina starves in captivity, one of her best friends gets married today: it's going to be a big day for The Inside Experience!

Here is your quick guide to getting Inside the Experience:

Just getting started?

Here is a beginner's guide to finding out how to get involved and pick up the early clues.

Wedding Drama

Jennifer Myer, one of Christina's fictional friends on Facebook, is getting married today at 3:30pm.  Christina would have attended and made a speech had she not been kidnapped.  It is not clear where, but current rumors suggest that it will take place either in California or Seattle, so look out for activity on Facebook relating to the wedding around 3.30pm PDT. Who will attend the wedding?  Will Christina's Mom be there?  Who is the mystery man, Jake, that Jennifer is marrying?  Will the kidnapper disrupt or crash the wedding as clues seem to suggest he/she will?

Bachelorette Party Secrets

Clues lead to a defaced photo of Jennifer and Christina at her bachelorette party with the words "I was there".  Did the kidnapper attend the bachelorette party? Every bachelorette party has a secret worth uncovering... what is Jennifer's?

Christina's Dream May Hold a Clue

Christina asks her 'friends' to interpret her dream about being on a boat in a storm.  Is this a clue to tell us part of her journey to her place of captivity was by boat. Perhaps she is no longer in the U.S.A?  Many clues have been pointing to a location in L.A but some clues have been building towards a Chinese/Asian connection.  Was she put on a ship in L.A?  She was only missing for around 60 hours, so how far could she get by boat?  

Want more Clues?

Christina is starving and has been told by the kidnapper that she will not get a proper meal until she gets lots of 'likes' on the YouTube video below.  Until then, we will not get 'fed' any more clues...so please 'like' right now!

Other Twists and Turns

Social media users who are staying up all hours of the night trying to work through the tangled web that has been weaved by The Inside Experience team are learning as much about social media as they are about the whereabouts of Christina Perasso.

The experiment is laying bare the traps and downfalls of the web:  who is real and who is fake; who can and cannot be trusted; who is a 'troll' and who is planting false information to throw us off the scent?  As with the world wide web, things are not always what they seem. 

Don't forget to hashtag any clues you find on twitter #savechristinaperasso.

Happy Fake Wedding Day... let the fun begin!

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