Activision Enters Legal Spat with

Activision tosses money, legalese at URL squatter.

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Corporations don't like being one-upped. Case in point: the anonymous owner of, a parody site damning the Activision sales juggernaut Call of Duty. The site used to direct web browsers to EA's Battlefield 3 website, and now? It's nothing more than diatribes against the Call of Duty series, and beckoning Call of Duty players to give the EA shooter series a shot.

Despite the anonymous owner securing the URL years ago, Activision has caught on, filing a $2,600 domain name dispute with the National Arbitration Forum. Activision doesn't have much to stand on, the strongest part of their argument being, “It appears that the Respondent supports the game Battlefield from the game developer Electronic Arts."

At this point, it doesn't really "appear" to support Battlefield. It does support Battlefield. It's hard to say if Activision has any real argument here, and anyone foolish enough to be taken by a site labeled "parody" and hosting dubbed-over Monty Python videos probably isn't smart enough to purchase a game in the first place. Besides, with a mega-marketing thrust due to make an appearance prior to the November 8 launch of Modern Warfare 3 - sadly sans any Monty Python - how much of an impact can the URL have?

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