Bungie Issues Their Goodbye to the Halo Franchise

Bungie's final words on the topic promise new world, new journey.

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On August 2, Bungie is officially pushing away from their own child, the venerable, Xbox defining Halo franchise. Looking for additional creative outlets, including the ability to make games for different hardware, Bungie has stepped away, the series soon to be under the watchful eye of Microsoft themselves and 343 Industries. The transition has been inching forward, the prior downloadable add-on multiplayer map pack the first to not come from the hands of Bungie themselves.

In reality though, for most people, July 7 marked the company's final involvement. For many years, that date become synonymous with "Bungie Day," where the studio gave away prizes, raised money for charity, and played host to other events. This year, the development team jumped into multiplayer with a stern challenge, offering free steaks to anyone who beat them online. If their goodbye is any indicator, they gave away a lot of steaks.

While in some ways their passing of the torch is a little gloomy, Bungie grew with the industry and Halo. You could track two generations of gaming through their efforts alone, beginning with 2001's Halo: Combat Evolved. It's been ten years on a single franchise, and sometimes, creative minds just need something else. The fact that Bungie is promising new worlds should excite anyone who has enjoyed their titles, the potential now that new hardware is in their sights immeasurable.

And who knows, by next Bungie day, maybe they'll be offering free bacon as a reward for conquering them in multiplayer. Mmm... bacon.

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