Halo Anniversary Adding Kinect Support, Community Worries

Community more worried over what will happen to gameplay, rather than excited for possibilities.

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Halo Anniversary will use Microsoft's motion sensing Kinect camera, adding another major AAA title to the list of first-party software used for the control scheme. Microsoft Studios Phil Spencer confirmed the inclusion in an interview with Gamespot AU, an odd way to reveal such a feature, since the Kinect-laden E3 keynote made no mention of said support for the Halo remake.

However, many were unhappy with the announcement, heading into the Halo Waypoint forums to dish out unpleasantries that their experience will be somehow marred by a Kinect control mode. That sent a forum administrator into damage control, stating that, "Just to let everybody know, the Kinect features we're exploring with Halo: Anniversary are optional and won't affect your core gameplay experience."

In other words, it's going to be fluff and likely nothing to be excited about, which further makes you wonder why precious programming talent will be wasted on something like this in the first place. If the community backlash is severe enough that everyone needs to be calmed down, that's a clear sign that everything Microsoft is doing to push Kinect at the hardcore gamer isn't working.

Maybe the Halo/Kinect marriage will come across as something remarkably innovative. Maybe it won't intrude at all on actual gameplay. Whatever the case, it doesn't appear that people will be willing to spend $150 to use camera controls on a $40 game regardless of what the development team will dream up. Microsoft loves to tout how many Kinects are in homes worldwide (around 10 million), failing to mention that 55 million consoles have been sold.

Kinects are connected (pun firmly intended) to only a fraction of available units, meaning developers are not willing to spend the money to create games for a specific audience, when they can create them for everyone. Instead, it's meager stuff that, "won't affect your core gameplay experience."

Why should the consumer bother?

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