Austin Brings Great Post-Punk Pop with Literature

If you remember the post-punk pop from the late '70s, then you're in for a treat.

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Kyle LaValley

'We’re all about discovery. This is especially true when it has to do with music. Often, when I come across a band that attracts my attention, I get very excited and want to let everyone know about them. Of course, that’s the same thing that we all do whether it's music, film, a joke, or a whole lot of other things that finds our interest.

Literature is a four-member band from Austin, TX that has been around since 2009. Since, they have released two albums and a 7” three-song single. By way of comparison, their music revisits the post-punk pop of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. If you warmly remember that music, then you have a treat awaiting you.

LiteratureCincinnati.jpgThe first album, Hello Berlin, was released in 2009 and has since been sold out. It was followed by the previously mentioned 7” vinyl single (Cincinnati) that contains “It’s Cruel” from the album and adds in “Cincinatti” and “Man Maid Man.”

On December 21, the band released their newest album, Arab Spring. Arab Spring is the result of their fruitful summer recording sessions, and is filled with ten punk-pop gems. LiteratureArabSpring.jpg

We live in a time where bands are myriad. To find a good band is quite the challenge. Gone are the regional radio stations that used to help promote up and coming bands. All but out of sight are the collection of music magazines that brought greatness to your turntable. What remains is the word of mouth just as I’m doing right now for you.

Literature is a band with a good future if they can but get their music into your hands. And with this article, they do just that. Click the following links to access not only their newest album, Arab Spring, but also their three-song 7” single with those collectible tracks.

Have fun!

Literature - Cincinnati 7" Single Streams and Downloads

Literature - Arab Spring Streams and Downloads

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