Coldplay Announce The Release Of Their Fifth Album, Mylo Xyloto

Mylo Xyloto will be issued in multiple formats including a Special Limited Edition Set.

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In 2000, when Coldplay released "Shiver," the lead-off single from the band’s debut album, Parachutes, the song stopped at a respectable UK chart showing, but not enough to keep the band in the minds of their intended audiences. The release of the second single, “Yellow,” changed all that. The new single became the band’s breakthrough song. No one knew, even then, just how much “Yellow” would endear the four lads from England to a growing fan base.

The band would start to pull in the US audiences after an appearance on Saturday Night Live. Soon, Coldplay was in a rock and roll orbit around the world, a star band that remains high in the charts to this day. Parachutes would win the coveted Grammy award in 2002 for Best Alternative Music Album.

Coldplay, feeling the pressure of the second album, recorded many songs for their Parachutes follow-up. With a wealth of songs from fruitful sessions, it is not so surprising that the quartet released an aptly titled, near-perfect set, A Rush Of Blood To the Head.

A Rush Of Blood To the Head, released in 2002, quickly and easily spawned four well-received singles, “In My Place” “The Scientist", “Clocks,” and “God Put A Smile On Your Face,” all of which kept the album in the stratosphere for well over a year. Again, Coldplay would snatch a Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album, but would also gain a Grammy in the 2004 awards for Record of the Year, with “Clocks.” The album to date has sold well over 12 million units worldwide.

Coldplay is a methodical and well thought out band. They take nothing for granted, appreciating all of their well-earned fame. With their third album being planned, Chris Martin and his fellow bandmates worked solidly on X&Y, which released in 2005, three years after A Rush Of Blood To The Head. It was stated that the band recorded 60 songs in search of perfection. Certainly, A Rush Of Blood To The Head was a damn hard album to follow. X&Y was highly anticipated. Four singles came from the album (“Speed of Sound,” “Fix You,” “Talk,” “The Hardest Part”), but the album would not appeal to everyone, myself included. Regardless, it sold extremely well, racking up over 11 million in sales.

Recognizing change to be necessary, Coldplay employed a varied production team that included the talents of Brian Eno, who had successfully worked with U2. The next album needed to reflect a maturing band, and yet please the fan-base, some of which were turning critical. Released in 2008, Viva La Vida (or Death and All His Friends) was a different album than its predecessors. It delivered a richer experience, with the band expressing a willingness to grow beyond its familiar borders. Fans received - and embraced - the album. Representing an artistic leap, Vida La Vida won the 2009 Grammy for Best Rock Album.

In June of 2011, Coldplay released a fore-running single to their next, then-untitled album. “Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall” is a brave gem of a song. Using blends of style, the song reveals a further maturing Coldplay. For me, the song thrilled.


On October 25 (US), and October 24 for the rest of the world, Coldplay will release their new album, Mylo Xyloto (pronounced my-lo zy-letoe). It’s planned on CD, DD, and LP. The LP will be a 180-gram weight vinyl issue with an included 12” by 36” poster. A Special Limited Edition Pop-Up Album version is planned that will include a 12” by 12” hard-back book containing pop-up graffiti artwork designed by David A. Carter. This Special Edition will contain CD, LP, along with exclusive content such as photos, and excerpts from the studio diaries and personal notebooks. Half of the released CDs will be adorned with the full color album graphics, while the other half will have the CD booklet flipped to show the silver initials of the album, M X, via a die-cut sheet placed over the color image.

With this new album, Coldplay is well positioned to retain their lofty status. A second single, "Paradise" is slated to precede the album with its release scheduled for September 12.

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