Dead Can Dance Readies New Album Anastasis

Anastasis joins an already heady DCD catalog.

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Sometimes doors that are tightly shut can be opened again. And sometimes, as they open, they have wonders behind them. Such is the case with Dead Can Dance.

Dead Can Dance is the name of the unusual Australian duo that featured multi-instrumentalist Brendan Perry and the inimitable Lisa Gerrard. While it is Gerrard's unmatched exotic vocals that help form the bedrock of DCD, the band could not be what it is without the musical intensity of Perry's expressive musical brilliance.

The music of Dead Can Dance was a unique hybrid of world music using ethereal African rhythm, chants of religious origins, and a hypnotic blend of other world styles, all mixed into a rock setting. Rock, by then, had morphed enough to allow for nearly unlimited aural surprises. Of those, Dead Can Dance found the greatest acceptance.

After the release of Spiritchaser from 1996, the duo disbanded to pursue other avenues. Beginning with their funereal eponymous release in 1984 through nine splendid subsequent releases, it was assumed that the band had done all that it could do. Despite a brief reassembly in 2005, the band had not recorded any new material until now.

Perry and Gerrard reunited for a world tour to commence on August 9 of this year. But what separates this reunion from the previous one is that DCD created a new album.

DeadCanDanceAnastasis.jpgAnastasis is the name of the band's latest album. With eight tracks, all magnificent (the complete album is streaming from here until physical release), Anastasis will easily become an essential album in the DCD catalog. Anastasis is planned for American release on August 14, with a European release date a day ahead on August 13.

Anastasis will be released in a variety of formats that include the standard CD, the increasingly popular LP, and the emerging DD. But in addition to these forms, there will be a Limited Edition Hardbound Box that includes CD, a specially designed USB stick with hi-res 24-bit digital audio, a print, and the hardbound book that will house the CD.

There will also be a Special Edition Box that adds in two 180g-weight clear vinyl LPs. If digital download is your thing, the band ups the ante with DD that can be had in Apple Lossless, FLAC, and WAV in 44k audio.

With a resurrection of this magnitude, you want to be first in line for whatever form you want this new Dead Can Dance album in.

You can get the edited for radio lead-off song (“Amnesia”) for free by submitting your email address at the band's website. Or stream the song from the Soundcloud player below.


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