Feist To Release Anticipated New Album, Metals

Metals is planned for October 3 (UK), October 4 (US)

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It’s true that Apple iPod commercials boost careers. Just ask Feist, the Canadian singer-songwriter who had her song, “1234,” featured on an iPod Nano commercial back in 2007.

After the initial airing of the spot, “1234” sold well, pushing it steadily up the charts in both North America and Great Britain. As the popularity of the song rose, the album it was on, The Reminder (2007), gained traction as well. The singer known simply as Feist would see a stronger career uptick. The song would even be modified to feature in a Sesame Street episode, creating more visibility for the singer.

Feist got her young start by singing, of all things, in a punk band located in Calgary. From there, she would eventually stress her voice by injuring her vocal chords, which forced her to heal before resuming any part of her musical career. By the time 1999 rolled around, Feist had independently released her debut album, Monarch (Lay Your Jewelled Head Down). Over the next few years, she would home-record a set of nurtured demos calling the collection The Red Demos. She would revisit some of these songs for her Universal debut album, Let It Die, released in 2004, and her later set, The Reminder.

Let it Die is a strong collection of varied songs that highlight Feist’s vocal talent and her ability to write engaging songs. Let It Die would perform well in Canada, and the US, where it soon charted with the Top 40 albums on the Billboard charts. The album is a fascinating mix of Feist folk/jazz originals and cover tunes, including an intriguing version of The Bee Gees’ “Love You Inside And Out” retitled as “Inside And Out.”

FeistMetals.jpgFeist released her next work, The Reminder, in 2007.  The album is a polished work, more accessible to a pop audience than her last. Unusually, the album has already been released as a UMG Deluxe Edition normally reserved for albums many times its age. The Reminder won accolades from many critics with “1234,” the album’s most notable track, winning its own share of awards. But Feist imbues The Reminder with incredible songs like the peppy, countrified “Past In Present,” the jazzy ballad, “The Water” (a reworking of a Red Demo track, the excellent pop song, “I Feel It All”), and the heartfelt “The Park.”

On October 4, Interscope Records will release the highly anticipated fourth album, her third on a major label. The album, called Metals, will likely get the full treatment with specialized release formats (LP, CD/DVD) beside the standard CD and expected DD issues.


1. The Bad in Each Other
2. Graveyard
3. Caught a Long Wind
4. How Come You Never Go There
5. A Commotion
6. Bittersweet Melodies
7. Anti-Pioneer
8. The Undiscovered First
9. Cicadas and Gulls
10. Woe Be
11. Comfort Me
12. Get It Wrong Get It Right

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