The Kaiser Chiefs Release DIY Album

Cut and paste your own CD!

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The Kaiser Chiefs have come up with an interesting twist on interactivity and social media to release their latest album, which allows users to upload their own cover and even make money themselves by earning £1 per album they sell via social media outlets. Expanding on Radiohead's launch of their album "In Rainbows" by offering a 'Pay what you like' download option, The Kaiser Chiefs are charging for the download but giving fans a way to make a little back by promoting it.

Not only can fans customize their album with their own photo on the cover, but they can choose 10 out of the 20 songs available making each album individual and different. A custom album for everyone. That makes 184,756 combinations or over 670,442,572,800 permutations if you consider different orders.

Not since Todd Rundgren's release of "No World Order" in 1993 has this kind of customization and interactivity been available to music fans. In Rundgren's CD-only release in interactive formats including Philips' CD-i and Macintosh/PC the album included the ability to alter the structure of the music by selecting mix, song and song snippet sequence, tempo and mood and its paper insert could be refolded and reinserted so as to display any of 16 alternate versions of the cover art.

It will be interesting to see how this DIY concept evolves in the music business. Word has it that the Rolling Stones will be releasing a series of ProTools loops and sheet music for fans to assemble an album themselves because the Stones are getting just too damn old and lazy to do much of it properly by themselves anymore.

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