Vince Gill Returns with New Album, Guitar Slinger

Guitar Slinger is his first release since 2006.

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Vince Gill got his start playing guitar for the popular country/rock band, Pure Prairie League way back in the late ‘70s. The band’s career with RCA Records had been terminated by then but that didn’t stop the Gill years from producing the band’s only Top 10 hit with “Let Me Love You Tonight” from their 1980 release, Firin’ Up. Vince Gill would largely finish his tenure with Pure Prairie League with Something In the Night, released in 1981.

By 1984, Gill signed with RCA Records as a solo artist producing several albums for the label. While his output for the label was good, it wasn’t until his signing with MCA Records that gave him his jump into stardom with his multi-platinum When I Call Your Name (1989). That album spawned four singles including the title track.

Since then he has maintained a long-running relationship with MCA Nashville that has been good for both parties. Gill’s albums have largely been multi-platinum selling efforts including the massive success of I Still Believe In You (1992).

VinceGillGuitarSlinger.jpgWith recognizable vocal abilities, and good guitar skills, Vince Gill has enjoyed a lucrative career in country music for decades. From his start with Pure Prairie League until now, his legend has a ton of traction to it. If you couple that legend with a highly publicized marriage to Amy Grant, you can say that Vince Gill has much to be pleased about.

Over the years, Gill has honed his style, creating a more rousing version of himself. In the process, he has become a sought after sessions guy with a distinctive guitar sound.

On October 25, MCA Records will release new Vince Gill music with Guitar Slinger, his first new album since the best-selling four-CD These Days box released in 2006. That massive album contained a whopping (and delightfully received) 43 original songs, three of which were singles. Gill preceded the upcoming release of Guitar Slinger with the single, “Threaten Me With Heaven,” a song about a man on his deathbed. “Threaten Me With Heaven” is a co-written ballad that was issued in August. The song contains some burning Vince Gill guitar work that should have fans looking forward to the 12-track Guitar Slinger.

Guitar Slinger will be released as a standard CD issue, a single disc Deluxe Edition promising three bonus tracks (“All Nighter Comin’,” “Lipstick Everywhere,” “One More Thing I Wish I’d Said”), and digital download.

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