Yes Delivers 20th Studio Effort With Fly From Here

How Will It Be Remembered?

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On July 12, the band known as Yes will do what it has only done once before, release an album sans the iconic frontman Jon Anderson.

In a 1980 dispute over several issues, Anderson, along with another Yes stalwart, Rick Wakeman, decided to leave the band. As it would be, the remaining core members (Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Alan White) recruited new wave-ish Buggles members Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes, who had recently scored well with the prophetic "Video Killed The Radio Star" song. That series of events culminated in the release of Drama (1980).

Once again, Yes, over whatever disputes you are willing to believe (or whose side you prefer to be on), has chosen another to sing lead in place of Anderson. Benoit David, a singer skilled enough to replicate Anderson's difficult high register, was recruited to fill the BIG shoes. Discovered in a Canadian Yes tribute band (Close To The Edge) back in 2008, Benoit David has taken center stage on Yes tours since.

With the upcoming album, Fly From Here, the prog/symphonic legends will release their 20th studio effort in a long and often illustrious career that has been rewarding for both fans and the band. The album is slated for issue on CD, LP, CD/DVD Deluxe Edition set, a pricey CD/DVD/LP Box Set Edition, and DD (digital download) via Frontiers Records. The Deluxe Edition (and Box Set Edition) adds a DVD with a 25-minute The Making of Fly From Here documentary, and a video of "We Can Fly."

Tracklist of Fly From Here:

  1. Fly From Here - Overture
  2. Fly From Here - Pt I - We Can Fly
  3. Fly From Here - Pt II - Sad Night At The Airfield
  4. Fly From Here - Pt III - Madman At The Screens
  5. Fly From Here - Pt IV - Bumpy Ride
  6. Fly From Here - Pt V - We Can Fly (Reprise)
  7. The Man You Always Wanted Me To Be
  8. Life On A Film Set
  9. Hour Of Need
  10. Solitaire
  11. Into The Storm

Fly From Here is scheduled for US release on July 12, with UK getting the title on July 1, and Japan as early as June 22.

Jon Anderson has not gone unproductive. On June 14, he releases Survival & Other Stories, which will be available as an import title.

The world of Yes is still a vital one.


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